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richard dhemoiv

Security by renci 1 comment

it is imperative that you email me if you have any problems requests or personal interests with the program. i would love to recieve your email.
it will not take long for this program to achieve its full capability. please join in developing and email me your changes so that i can upload them.
thanks very much for downloading and be careful as to not lose your encryption keys. - Nov 04 2008

Security by renci 7 comments

vas du yu mean tis is crappink. dis is my favorite program to the date. keep you 'especially when folders and file names keep's intact' to your self you little bugre nose. i bet you eat your bugres with sweet and low - Aug 10 2007

Security by renci 7 comments

people dont make programs that are not good for anything anyway so yeah this program can used in kde via kde service menus - Aug 08 2007

Security by renci 7 comments

its made to be part of kde via the kde servicemenus in the 'twofishkonq' directory in the source directory
it simply integrates into konqueror and you can browse files and encrypt/decrypt files and folders visually
- Nov 13 2006
Paper Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by everaldo 8 comments

a timely submission
this is very good stuff - May 23 2004
KDE Realtime Scheduling toolset

System Software by renci 5 comments

zerowski, the skin was found in the skin repository.
there are plenty of beautiful xmms compatible skins there that should keep you giggling for at least a little while - Mar 15 2004
KDE Realtime Scheduling toolset

System Software by renci 5 comments

looks like my description was not included

what this tool does is parse the process tree for kdeinit processes and reschedules according to a realtime type scheduling policy, very simple and i have not yet seen a somthing that accomplishes such in this proper form
you can run the script via kdesu at kde startup
you will notice, hopefully, a considerable difference in desktop response

it can potentially make for a more comfortable KDE desktop experience - Mar 12 2004

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 1 comment

i want to get to know you personally through some type of messaging system.
It may help us both understand the "patterns" better. my aim screenname is 'impotentfield'
very nice work on these wallpapers :) - Feb 17 2004

Wallpaper Other by marcos-gc 1 comment

i like your work. thanks. - Jan 31 2004

Wallpaper Other by bobr 3 comments

i liken unto it. - Jan 14 2004

Wallpaper Other by ivan4o 1 comment

you have to email me. - Dec 25 2003
Urban Terror

Wallpaper Other by Joemauke 3 comments

I like it too. - Oct 11 2003
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 132 comments

My god, these are beautiful! Excellent work. Looking forward to Kids and Outline. Cheers on a job well done. - Oct 10 2003

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 4 comments

This brings back some memories. It seems you have found what many of your peers cannot. Staring down your self through the ends of your brows, changing with the movement of the wind raging around your head. Timid and wild are the demons you find feeding on a hopeless lie, your muscles engage the movement of breath now entering your lungs setting afire the blackend and blue before you. Gentle stroke after gentle stroke of breath, slowly now, they take flight. Their call feeds through the passage of the shifting sands before the gates. Bellies now set against the cold Marduk black. The drums of war have begun to bellow, your lady has let down the hair of silence. Somthing scratches within. The sands now crumble and bend before the wake of red from below. The test has begun. She is calling. I pray dear demon down below, pay no heed. You are at your ends friend, you must be patient. They will come, they will come. My friend, bruised and borrowed, be still and wary for they are coming. The flames are burning. Dear child, ignore the smoke for peace is not held by hands that touch. Let go. Give away the stone, let the waters kiss and transmutate this cold and fated anchor. Give away the stone, let the waters kiss and transmutate these leaden grudges into gold. Let go, let go, let go... - Oct 10 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by stefano 169 comments

Just release the version you are running now already. I love this thing. Hurry the heck up!
Thanks Santa. - Sep 22 2003
Umicons 2.0 Preview

KDE Plasma Screenshots by norbalin 13 comments

Holy shit this icon set kicks ass. No joke dood, cheers! All you homos who like Noia are just, homos. Excuse the sadistic prose but get real fellas, Noia is just gay and not in the slightest refined. Looking at icons like that can play with your head. This icon set it raw and at the same time just beautiful. Its sweet visual paradox and to me its a huge breath of air since a while. Good work friend. Heres to your great work. Salut! - Sep 22 2003

Wallpaper Other by alethia 9 comments

This is beautiful. Very encumbering. - Sep 18 2003
The Way

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 46 comments

The people have spoken ....
Hey guys lighten up before you blind yourselves with the shit pouring from your mouths. uninet, Im sure you would argue its all about love but in considering what among the aforementioned comments ? No base for issue of an argument whatsoever. You just want to pacify your sheepish tendencies to restake claim on some self confected dignity born out of a ground of insecurities many of you "christians" share alike. I do not wish to waste my time here clamouring for objects to sustain the issue of a debate. Stop thinking its about religion you twat monkeys. Its about the inherent allowance of infinite possibilties of perspective we all hold to hate. Hate only through some past indiscretion we may not recall against a fashion of concious mind but its there. Always peeking through our moments of guilt, fear or various qualities of expression. Who do you all honestly think you are ? You may think that your religious oaths and your servitude to faiths you constantly till after and solidify make you strong after the "somthing" before and beyond your ill concieved notion of a born innocence. Your dogma is only abandoned you all and left you cold to the only truth. THE NOW. You self indulgent babes, keep sucking on your deaths and you will find your truth. Mother has her way. Its not about sides you homosapien skank bitches. The math is done. Oh well, there aint shit I can say to make you all change your minds about... whatever. Its pretty much your choice, like it has always been. God there is so much metaphor to work with here! Talking about religion is so much fun! - Sep 17 2003
The Way

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 46 comments

WTF is this trash ? The is blasphemy of the highest order. All "believers in Christ" are doomed to perish in the shit encrusted annals of their own ill concieved pomp.
Now look at this again with gaping jaws and white faces and rethink your faith. It doesnt matter about faith you people. Its about love and there is no love in faith. Faith is hiding and hoping because faith is an incomplete thing hence its very dictionary presence. Always question authority and always keep your mind open. The search for truth is never looking to what is said and done. It is here and now. Jesus said "when the above becomes the below and the below the above, and the male the female and the female the male, so then will you enter the kingdom of heaven" There is somthing huge right there that invalidates many American contemporary notions about the character of Jesus. There is just so many things you Christians, you goupies, dont want to look to and the sad thing it is always staring you right in the face. You are all like stones. We are all stones! - Sep 16 2003

Wallpaper Other by originalichi 6 comments

spooman, you would be quite surprised just how much this has to do with KDE and with that, the whole legacy of software development itself. Happy Hacking you fiends! - Sep 14 2003

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

9   Sep 20 2011