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Francisco Xavier Araque San Cristóbal, Venezuela
Yakuake Ethais KDE4

Yakuake Skins by Rendergraf 9 comments

Thanks, added suggestions. - Aug 25 2010
Should we invade

Wallpaper Other by hayfever 2 comments

nice wallpaper, very good work friend, te quedo chevere. :D - Dec 22 2004
Felíz año 2005 - Linux Táchira

Wallpaper Other by Rendergraf 6 comments

no this tux, is my SantaTux, jejeje :D
Next upload source in SVG.

Xavier Araque
San Cristobal-Venezuela - Dec 17 2004
Think Linux in Blue Bend

Wallpaper Other by tony042 3 comments

Muy bonito te felicito, very good congratulation. good work.. - Dec 15 2004
Here to Konquer

Wallpaper Other by who 3 comments

bonito Wallpaper felicitaciones. Congratulations. - Dec 09 2004
Linux Táchira

Wallpaper Other by Rendergraf 12 comments

Hola panitas, de verdad es bueno compartir algunas palabras con otros hermanos de nuestra patria, a veces me sentía algo solo en diseño grafico bajo Linux en Venezuela pero ya no soy la excepción. Les invito visitar nuestra pagina web.

Atte. Xavier Araque - Dec 09 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by telex 86 comments

hello friend, seems good to me your works, like interchanges
ideas about software for graphis design I am some years old working
in this, use Linux uses by several years MAC You now Linux jeje...
handle to Inkscape .40 the Gimp 2,0 and Blender 2,35 my favourites
observes some of my works.

I sorry my english is very bad...

Linux Táchira
Linux Táchira 0.1
Wallpaper 1280x1024

Felíz año 2005 - Linux Táchira
Felíz año 2005 - Linux Táchira 0.1
Wallpaper 1280x1024

this is my web personal. - Dec 07 2004
Linux Táchira

Wallpaper Other by Rendergraf 12 comments

ES= Me gustaria hacer todos los wallpaper que me piden, pero solo los hago en tiempos libres, estoy terminando otro wallpaper dedicado a kde espero que sea de su agrado hecho con aplicaciones nativas de Linux.

EN= I like make all wallpaper the they request to me, but single I
do them in free times, I am finishing other wallpaper dedicated to kde I hope that it is of its affability done with native applications of

Atte Xavier Araque - Dec 07 2004
MandrakStar - Distro Challenge WINNER

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 24 comments

I like this wallpaper, user inkscape for meke this wallpaper.

Congratulations. good work. - Dec 06 2004
Blackboard-look chaos (with Tux)

Wallpaper Other by DustyDingo 2 comments

this wallpaper is´t very good, congratulations friend,
and that tool you make this wallpaper. - Dec 06 2004