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Nicolas Nicolas

Beryl/Emerald Themes by sparXCG 9 comments

Great Beryl theme.
But I'd like to know what GTK theme are you using.
It seems to be the Human theme with a different menubar... - Nov 26 2006
better desktop font.

KDE Plasma Screenshots by qhasz 3 comments

Thank you for using my wallpaper... - Aug 09 2006
Tux G2

GDM Themes by Rennou 15 comments

The problem for the blue theme is I don't like the blue version of the Intelmac wallpaper and when I try to chage the color of the green version to turn it in blue, I have a bad quality image... with three different sofwares ! - May 29 2006
Tux G2

GDM Themes by Rennou 15 comments

Maybe I'll also add a blue theme. - May 28 2006
Tux G2

Wallpaper Other by Rennou 8 comments

If you extract the GDM theme which is also in the pack, you can find the wallpaper without the Tux in 1600x1200, you can resize this image. - May 27 2006
Tux G2

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Rennou 7 comments

I've just updated the pack. Bigger versions are available :
1600x1200 - May 27 2006