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by rexi
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Sep 20 2009
Thanks for pointing this out, I will fix it with the next release. For now, you can set a fixed text color in the style sheet "kding.css". - Aug 10 2009
Thanks for your suggestions. And sorry for the late answer, but I don't check the comments very often...

A "Stop" button is a good idea, I will add it.

Clicking the systray icon is meant to translate the current clipboard contents. Doubleclicking isn't meant to do anything special, so i guess the icon just reacts to the single click. If you just want to bring up the window you can middle-click on the icon.

I know about the resizing issue, but I haven't found out how to prevent it without disabling resizing completely...

At the moment KDing only supports one dictionary. But I can add support for multiple dictionaries once I find the time... - May 18 2008
You can find my email address in the program's about box ;-)

I'll see what I can do about the encoding issue... - Sep 20 2007
I have tested KDing on Kubuntu and OpenSuse, and it correctly displays search results there.

As for the buttons: KDing 0.3 used ding to search for translations and display them, 0.4 does this itself. Compared to ding it's pretty basic, yes. There isn't really anything to configure, yet. I will probably add some more of ding's features to KDing, if I can find the time to do so... - Sep 20 2007
KDing uses the same dictionary as Ding, currently the one from the Ding 1.5 release. The dictionary is installed locally. That's what makes the package so huge ;-) - Aug 20 2007
Thanks for providing this :-) - Aug 20 2007
I am planning to add a statusbar to the main window to give more feedback, like the number of entries found or whether a search is currently running. - Aug 20 2007
Thanks, I've added a link to it to KDing's homepage. - Sep 19 2005

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by rexi
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May 13 2007
Thank you for the information, I'll see how I can fix this. I have only tested cmake on Linux, and the makefiles generated there automatically link to libpthread. - May 14 2007
BasKet Note Pads

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Oct 01 2010
I'm experiencing the same here, it seems like you can either group all items in a basket or none.

Kubuntu 6.10, KDE 3.5.6, Basket compiled from source - Feb 14 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes 1262 comments

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Sep 10 2006
As Debian is lacking a recent version of KDE (read: still has 3.3 in Testing) I tried to compile Baghira 0.7 and I'm happy to tell you: it works. Not out of the box, mind you, but by deleting two lines from the sources I got it to compile and work flawlessly. I don't remember what to delete right now, but if anyone here is interested I could look into it again. And Thomas: if you want Baghira to work with an ancient KDE release just drop me a line and I'll send you a patch for 0.7 ;-) - Oct 09 2005
To point 4: Highlighting the default button is a good idea and I would like to see this feature in future versions, too. Either the way you suggested it or, for the sake of Aqua-imitation, by coloring the whole button with its hovered color.

6: In the source. I was also annoyed by this and found, after a hint from Thomas, how to change it:
in style/polish.cpp line 483 should read
((QToolBar*)w)->setMargin( 4 );
change the value to 0. - Aug 23 2004
Thanks. I've managed to reduce the toolbar height (I think you meant "ktoolbar" and not "kmenubar", right? ;-).

But I can't find a way to reduce the width of the toolbar buttons. I've found several occurrences of 'pixelmetric' but I don't really know what to change. I have played around with the values in the LiquidStyle::pixelMetric method, to no avail. Can you please give me one more hint?
;-) - Aug 23 2004
Is there an easy way to change the toolbar height? And the toolbar button width? Or: is the code for the old rectangular buttons still there? I think there's too much space wasted by the rounded buttons (though they are of course more Mac-like than the rectangular ones ;-) and the toolbar height in general. It would be nice being able to choose between rounded/rectangular buttons.

Bye, Michael - Aug 22 2004
So I guess your changes to the risen bevels are what causes the new ugly look of the kicker border?
I was browsing through the sources to undo your changes to the toolbar/applet handlers (I prefer the old look) and was also looking for this kicker issue. I found the code responsible for the handlers, but I cannot determine the code that draws the bevel. Hopefully you can point me to the lines of code I have to change to get the old bevel behaviour back.

Apart from that, this style is really great. It's impressive how close it is to the Mac OS X look by now. I especially like the new Brushed Metal look. You're doing some really good work here.

Hm, just as I'm writing this I realize that the scrollbar of this textbox is being displayed although it's actually not needed yet. You're even conforming to Apple's design guidelines :-) - Jun 13 2004
Now that KDE3.2 finally is released have you already any plans when to release your window decoration?
Since Aqua OS K doesn't work with 3.2 there is currently no good window decoration to get a real Mac look. - Feb 18 2004
kubuntu breezy badger

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Sep 22 2005
This is really a great KDM theme. Looks quite like Mac OS X's login screen but... somewhat better. I agree with the others, it would be great to have a theme like this for other distributions. Or better yet, a generic KDE theme, with KDE's logo instead of Kubuntu's. So for everyone who wants to do something like this himself: how did you add the mirrored text?

By the way, I agree with goldenboy on the icon sizes, I think it would look better if all the icons were the same size. Regarding the curves, i think it's cool like it is now.

And by the way again: I haven't tried Breezy Badger, as I don't like to install beta software on my systems, but does this theme match Badgers default theme, as implied by the name you gave it? It would be great to have a matching login and splash screen. - Sep 17 2005
Throbber: KDE Logo [CCW]

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Jun 02 2007
I have checked and found I guessed right, whether there is a frame or not depends on the style used. Baghira for example does not have a frame around the throbber.

I still think it would be a good idea to have the background transparent. A dark background doesn't look very good with light color schemes and vice versa. - Aug 30 2005
Well, maybe this is something depending on the used style? At the moment I'm using a throbber with transparent background, and I don't see a frame around it.

It looks way better than the other throbbers with background color, more... "integrated" is what I would call it. - Aug 28 2005
I agree, this one looks really good. It would be better if it was "crystalized", though ;-)

There's only thing I'd like to suggest: it would look even better if the background wasn't black but transparent. - Aug 25 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Jul 10 2004
The icon seems to be the one from the Mac OS X build of Eclipse, it's a bit blurry though. I have made a PNG version myself but have not released it because I don't know what license it is under. I hope this information can help you. - Jul 09 2004

GTK1 Themes 16 comments

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Nov 13 2003
with lots of new icons and a new background.
BTW, does anyone know a good theme like that for GTK1? H2O for GTK2 looks great, but the GTK1 version is quite ugly. - Nov 05 2003