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Rezlooks GTK Engine

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by rezza
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Jun 21 2006
That's GMPC, a frontend for MPD. - Sep 05 2006
Umm, sorry, not gonna happen. If you want a source deb, I think there are tools available in debian to make one from a source tarball. - Jun 22 2006
As far as I know, it has animations enabled. Bear in mind that the theme you use has to use animations too - ie it must have "animation = TRUE" in the gtkrc. - Jun 22 2006
Yes, more customization of the stripes is planned in the future. - Jun 21 2006
I know nothing about how metacity works, so I don't know. - Jun 20 2006
That's not metacity, that's Openbox. - Jun 20 2006
It's not a bug, that's just the theme's colours. If you want a theme that uses menubaritemstyle=1, you'll need to use appropriate colours to make it work properly. You can't just take existing themes and change that and expect them to automatically suit the button style. - Jun 20 2006
See if you get any error messages on stderr (or anything interesting on stdout). - Jun 17 2006
Do you have cairo installed? - Jun 17 2006
Cheers ompy :) - Jun 16 2006
Sorry, but I don't have access to a Fedora box, and the guy who normally does my Fedora packaging has a problem with his machine, and so he can't get the FC5 rpm out for a few days. If anyone else wants to give me an FC5 rpm, then email me. In the meantime, you can always install it via the source. - Jun 15 2006
That's openbox in the screenshots, not metacity. - Jun 15 2006
Yes, for now they're invisible. They'll be back (and slightly different) in 0.6. - Jun 15 2006
If you want to change the slider colour and release it as a new theme then go right ahead. - Jun 15 2006
It's gmpc, built from svn ( - Jun 15 2006
Oops, fixed. Thanks for the catch. - Jun 14 2006
I did it by taking the clearlooks cairo code and hacking on it. My old site went down because my host went down, I have a new one now. - Jun 14 2006
The font is Trebuchet MS, which is a Microsoft font I believe. It might be one of the standard ms ones that you can grab from a windows installation. - Jun 14 2006
The dock? It's just gnome-panel. - Jun 14 2006
Ahh well, tough I'm afraid - I like the light "inner border" between the button's background colour and main border, and I'm not going to make the button borders contrast more because I prefer it like this. I make themes to please myself and nobody else, I release them in case somebody has similar tastes to me. If you don't then that's fine - but don't expect me to change my stuff for you ;) - Jun 14 2006
Have you tried the .gtkrc-2.0 thing? Also what version of cairo do you have installed? - May 18 2006
Yup, that looks fugly. Do you have a .gtkrc-2.0 file in your home directory? If so, try renaming that file and then restarting X. Also, do you have that problem with all Rezlooks themes or just the Rezlooks-human one? - May 18 2006
Cimi put rezlooks in his overlay, so you can just enable it in your /etc/pacman.conf to be able to pacman -S rezlooks. - May 18 2006
Umm... I wasn't aware that there was a problem with the entry and focus in GtkCombo ;)

Also, if you match the button bg[NORMAL] colour and the scrollbar colour in your theme, they will look the same, so a unified look is already there, sort of. I'm going to make the sliders match too for the next release. And this is going to keep being called rezlooks, since this is what my earlier hack on the clearlooks engine was aspiring to. And sorry, I'm not going to package that old hack up as a seperate engine, it really was a very dirty hack. - May 18 2006
OK, thanks. I fixed the pulse problem, not sure about the network applet problem, I don't have it installed (and it's not available as an applet to add to the panel), and I haven't fixed the panel problem - for now it might be better to set the panel to use a solid colour instead of the theme. - May 16 2006
That's because firefox doesn't actually use gtk widgets properly. Any other browser (galeon, epiphany, etc) work fine. You can fix this by editing your ~/.mozilla/firefox//chrome/userChrome.css file and adding the following:

#file-menu, #edit-menu, #view-menu, #go-menu, #bookmarks-menu, #tools-menu, #helpMenu {
color: white !important;
} - May 16 2006
Of course! - May 16 2006
The titlebars are DejaVu Sans, the GTK font is Trebuchet MS, the code font is DejaVu Sans Mono. - May 15 2006
I use openbox, not metacity. I have zero idea how theming metacity works. If you want a metacity theme like that, you'll have to make one yourself ;) - May 15 2006
Hmm, I'll see if I can work out what's going on there. What app are you using to create the pulsing progress bar? - May 14 2006
When you configured it, did you use --prefix=/usr? Because gtk is awfully fussy about locations... please try it with that. - May 13 2006
Hmm, not sure why it's not working then. I have cairo 1.1.6 on my machine, it works great. I'm stumped I'm afraid.

Question: can you use the cairo-based clearlooks from gnome CVS? If so then I have screwed up somewhere... - May 13 2006
Ha, sorry no I'm gonna stick with the cairo version because that's where I think gtk themes are all going to be heading.

And when you say you can't get it to work, what exactly is the problem? Does the ./configure fail? Does it fail to build? What errors do you get? What version of cairo do you have installed? - May 13 2006
Oh, and that's not metacity it's openbox. - May 13 2006
This doesn't need clearlooks at all. I think it'll need a fairly recent libcairo thought. - May 13 2006

GTK2 Themes 23 comments

by rezza
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Jun 20 2006
Yeah the screenshot was changed when the new version of the theme came out. The icons were Tango when the question was asked. - Jun 21 2006
GTK font is Trebuchet MS size 8
Openbox font is Candara size 11
I don't use metacity. - Jun 20 2006
The gtk font is Trebuchet MS, the titlebar font is Candara. - Jun 19 2006
In the gnome-panel properties, in the background tab tell it to use a solid colour, and set the colour to #f9fbf6. - Jun 17 2006
They're Tango icons. - Jun 17 2006
XMPC-Classic GTK and MCity Theme

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Jun 23 2006
Hi, nice theme, but did yo get permission from Bose to release it? And if you did, are you sure you can release it as GPL? - Jun 23 2006

GDM Themes 4 comments

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Sep 02 2006
Nice gdm theme, I'm using it now :) - Jun 17 2006
by rezza
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Feb 15 2006
I use openbox. I change my themes all the time, and instead of making new themes I tend to just edit the theme in place, so I don't think I have the themes in the screenshot any more, sorry. - Jun 09 2006
Yeah, that's Galeon. - May 13 2006
I have no idea how the clearlooks versioning scheme works... all I know is that if you use a recent CVS version it works fine, I don't know how recent the ubuntu builds are. If in doubt, build from CVS. Otherwise I can't help you I'm afraid. - May 02 2006
reason for voting down

Various Gnome Stuff 26 comments

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May 13 2006
Seriosly - stop whining. There will always be people who take whatever they can, for nothing, and badmouth it all the same. Get used to it. Don't let it bother you, have a beer or play with your kids or something instead of getting pissed off about it. Otherwise you are going to be unbearably bitter ;) - May 16 2006
If you have a chip on your shoulder about people who take from this community and give nothing back, then you're in the wrong community, mate. This community is all about making stuff freely available to anyone, not just to other people who share. If you don't like the idea of people being able to take your work for free and then say it's useless, all without ever giving anything back, then go and join some art community where real people aren't allowed in.

Again, I would encourage people to stop being elitist pricks. - May 16 2006
I'm getting a vibe here of people feeling that ratings and comments from submitters are somehow more important or worthwhile than ratings or comments from people who have never submitted anything.

Are people who don't submit to this site somehow inferior to those oh-so-special people who have? Do their opinions count for less?

Stop being elitist pricks is my suggestion. - May 14 2006