OK then that is your problem. That is too old a version of the clearlooks engine. You have to grab it from cvs. If you don't know how cvs works, have a look at http://developer.gnome.org/tools/cvs.html. - Apr 01 2006
Actually I just realized that the version with the coloured menubar is called razlooks-bluemenu now, not just rezlooks-blue. Try that. - Apr 01 2006
Umm... I really don't know what system/settings/themes is - here's how I install it.

cd ~/.themes
tar xjf /path/to/theme.tar.bz2

Then you can select it from whatever app you use to change your gtk2 theme. - Apr 01 2006
ok fixed the second link to the .c file... the first one is still broken though (I wish metawire would come back up soon). - Apr 01 2006
I added a mirror location for the source file - for when the first link is down (like now). - Mar 11 2006

GDM Themes by roberTO21 9 comments

Nice theme, simple and clean. - Mar 03 2006
The WM is openbox, the theme is http://rezza.omgwtfbbq.us/webstuff/SolidBlueGTK.tar.bz2 - Feb 15 2006
Yes, that's thunar.

And as for having both a normal clearlooks and a patched clearlooks engine installed at the same time, I don't think it's possible.

Well, of course it's possible, but I think it'd involve a ridiculous amount of work. - Feb 11 2006
My own: http://rezza.omgwtfbbq.us/webstuff/SolidBlueGTK.tar.bz2 - Feb 10 2006
OK, I posted a link to the clearlooks_draw.c that I use. I just did a clean cvs checkout of gtk-engines and replaced the file with this one, and it compiled ok and made the corners all square. - Feb 10 2006
Liquid Theme package for KDE 3.0

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by sausau 31 comments

I can't seem to use gunzip to unpack it...

any help would be greatly appreciated. - Jun 05 2002