Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 258 comments

For making this iconset.
And for making it "COMPLETE".
You are right. There is never
an "end" to this, because there
a so many apps out there.
But I've tried many other iconsets
published here on kde-look and
none of them had enough icons
for Konqueror so they are hardly
usable from my point of view.
Noia 0.95 already contained enough
icons to be really usable and is
the icon set I used ever since.
The "1" in front of the point is
well deserved.
So again, thank you for giving
this to the community. - Sep 14 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 245 comments

but too few icons so far to
actually be usable. Especially
the Konqueror toolbar is full
of unimplemented icons. - Jul 16 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by uklingner 5 comments

I badly needed this.
The original icon looks horrible
because it's only 16x16 - Jul 09 2003
klene icons preview

Icon Sub-Sets by jeek 14 comments

This is really promising.
I can't wait until this is more complete
like Noia. I gives such a distinctive
look to the desktop. All my colleagues
walking by are saying: Cool!
Please, please continue developing
this. - Jun 19 2003
klene icons preview

Icon Sub-Sets by jeek 14 comments

I really like them.
They don't like Windows or like
Mac OS X are simple and
good-looking. Currently I use
the Noia Icon Set. Unfortunately
I haven't found an icon set I liked
yet which is as complete as Noia
so I can't replace it. Would it
be possible to create enough icons
so at least Konqueror has a complete
toolbar (new tab / kill tab and so on)? - Jun 16 2003

Gimp Splashes by rgfree 27 comments

Never mind. I think I've just
figured it out. Strange: I was
searching ages for it but
the minute after I asked here,
I found the solution myself.
Anyway, I'm currently trying
to make an improved version
which really reparents the
windows, making it work much
better. I will try to add
the new process id to that version. - May 23 2003

Gimp Splashes by rgfree 27 comments

Well, it's version 0.1.
Sorry for the bugs.
The point is:
It only recognizes windows
which contain the word GIMP
somewhere in their title.
You can change that for
the image windows in the
preferences. Toolboxes
are (at least in the version
I use) called "GIMP Dock 1,2"
and so forth.
I've yet to find out a better
method to decide whether a
window belongs to GIMP.
To all KDE/XLib experts out there:
Is there a way to determine
which process a window belongs to?
- May 23 2003
Very Important Pinguino [VIP] 1024x768

Wallpaper Other by moty66 3 comments

The idea is good, the penguins, too.
The floor / sky seem a bit too
artificial (simple), just a gradient fill,
and the fonts of VIP / Very Important
are just awful. They seem totally
unrelated. - May 21 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by manos 7 comments

Where is that wallpaper from?? - Apr 24 2003
Design a New Logo for

Single Icon/Logo by navindra 18 comments

Huh? Are _you_ serious?
As someone who is not an artist
but a programmer I can tell you:
I would not be able to create this
in 4 minutes. A car engineer
sometimes finds what's wrong with
my car in 4 minutes. I don't, because
I am not an engineer. An opera
singer can sing a beautiful song
instantly. I can't, because I am not
a singer. You get the idea. Now, as
KDE is free project consisting mainly
of programmers not of artists there
needs to be someone to contribute this.
So where is you problem with that?
If you can create in 4 minutes, feel free
to do so ;-) - Apr 15 2003
Big Chrome K

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 4 comments

Could there be a version
without the extra K in a box
in the lower right corner.
I like it more simple and in addition
this one is clipped partially by my taskbar. - Apr 13 2003
KMyIRC needs your help

Various Stuff by shr 4 comments

there is no IRC application I know
(neither Linux nor Windows) which
has an acceptable user interface
and a minimum of needed features.
Your app really could make a difference
here. But there are many things
you can do to improve the interface
of your application which don't
require a UI designer. Are the
screenshots on your page current?
If so, please consider:
1) Why has your app no toolbar?
All KDE apps have one (even
configurable). The main window
would look so much more pleasant
if it contained some colourful icons.
You don't have to desing most of
them. They come with KDE. If
some are missing for special functions
they can often be made by
combining / altering existing ones.
This is even good practice because
all icons should share the same look.
2) More space for your dialogue windows!
Don't try to make the dialogue windows
so small they are just able to contain
the control elements within. More
space (not too much) is good to
organize / structure elements. Keep
related elements closer together,
then make a small gap. And use the
new gained space for more descriptive
labels i.e. "Which IRC server do you want
to connect to?" instead of "Server:".
Never use abbreviations like
"Altern. Nick". Take more space
and avoid putting 2 elements
horizontally next to each. Instead
start a new line. Then write i.e.
"Alternative Nickname (automatically
selected in case the first one is in use).
3) Is a status window with MOTD
really necessary? I know this is
a major break with all IRC applications
but that's why I consider them badly
designed. Note that this does not
mean you have to reduce functionality.
A connected / disconnected icon
in the status bar could inform the user
if he's connected and the status windows
could open via a special button.
4) On startup there could be
a "Welcome" page:
"Welcome to KMyIRC!
This application enables to chat
with friends all over the world...,
There are various IRC networks,...
Please select an IRC server: ...
Please select a user name: ...
5) After that the window should
change into list of available channels.
I suggest you look more at how
a well designed web chat works instead
of looking at IRC applications which
are often absolutely horrible in terms
of UI design. This does not mean
that you have to reduce any functionality!
It's all a question of how you organize
it and how you hide advanced functions
away to not confuse a first-time use
but easily accessible for a more experienced user. Example: You don't
have to put the status windows
completely away. If you first log on
there is no status window, because
novice users usually don't need it.
But a more experienced user can
find it in the "View" menu: "Show
status window". A dialogue window
appears "[x] Show status window
everytime I log in". You get the idea...
If after all this far more important
basic UI still some icons / graphics
are needed then I'm sure a lot of people
will help out. - Apr 13 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by elephant 30 comments

I like it a lot and for now it's my default
decoration. But it's the first application
that refuses to work with checkinstall,
so is there any way to uninstall this?
Another thing:
A maximized window doesn't have
a dashed line on the right and left
border. And the close button of
a maximized window could be a bit
more to the left. - Mar 30 2003
KDM/XP Logon Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by mononoke 16 comments

Usually it isn't. But all icons
together and in this context here??
It's certainly clever to do just
a screensot but gray area of
low nevertheless IMHO. Any law experts
out there? BTW why do people always
try to make KDE look like Windows or
like Mac. I'm using KDE with Noia Icons,
Keramik Window Decoration and
Liquid Crystal and there are a lot of
other native styles to choose from.
For KDM I have found some useful
icons on
Some are quite usable for KDM others
too childish. Go figure out yourself
(and convert them with the OS X converter
found somewhere on this site) - Mar 28 2003
Konqueror/kdesktop suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by PovMan 18 comments

Please do not do this!
This is the worst idea in a long time.
1. I've only got 128 MB in my computer
which is not much considering today's
RAM prices and Konqueror is
starting within 3 seconds.
2. If that's not enough you can just
leave it open over the day and put
it on a seperate desktop if
If Konqueror crashes the whole desktop
will go with it. It's always annoying
when in Windows i.e the Internet Explorer
crashes and suddenly you have got no
task bar. IMO the desktop is very important
and should always be there even when
a program crashes. If Konqueror
took a minute to start up I might
understand this. There are certainly
better ways to improve the start up
perfomance of an application. If
people are not clever enough to just
leave the application open there might
be an option to make it just invisible
on close instead of really closing it.

- Mar 13 2003
Slicker for the Determined ;-]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by illogic-al 47 comments

Full ACK. Hopefully they do not
remove the ability to use Slicker
in conjunction with the current
taskbar in some stupid GNOME-like
attempt to gain usability by removing
everything. Otherwise it looks
quite promising to say the least.
Unfortunately you can't remove
the stick-on-top-feature yet. So
this is all pretty useless for me ATM
as I do not have the screen space
to allow all those cards hiding other
- Mar 12 2003

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by samson8t 5 comments

Doh!! Now I've got it.
The fly-flap seems a bit
misplaced because it's difficult
to put it in TUX' hand. It
seems to hover next to it.
Anyway, could you possibly
provide a version without
the fly-flap? This would
be really cool because it's
my favourite background image
- Mar 10 2003

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by samson8t 5 comments

Oh, perhaps there's some
misunderstanding here.
I didn't mean the reflection
of TUX but the silver-blueish thing
with dots or holes he holds in his
hand. Or rather which seems
to hover in the air next to
his wing. Looks like a filter
of something.
What IS that? Perhaps
it's obvious but I've got NO
idea at all what this might be.
Can't you simply remove it?
Thanks in advance. - Mar 10 2003

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by samson8t 5 comments

But could you perhaps
remove that reflector thing
to the left of the penguin?
What is it anyway? Less would
be more here. Otherwise I
really like this one. Keep up
the good work. - Mar 10 2003