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Various KDE Stuff by binner 59 comments

According to Wikipedia:
"openSUSE is a community project, sponsored by Novell, to develop and maintain SUSE Linux components. After their acquisition of SUSE Linux, NOVELL HAS DECIDED TO MAKE THE COMMUNITY AN IMPORTANT PART OF THEIR DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY." (i've highlighted the important part)

I think Novell are pretty keen on not turning on the comminity, considering openSUSE is develped by the community (and a few Novell representatives).

I think you are just blinded by your ego, you hate Microsoft to much to even consider that SOME things they do aren't half-bad (like Visual Studio). Additionally, just because Novell is 'in bed' with Microsoft doesn't mean that openSUSE has become any less of a great product from it. - Sep 20 2007
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jerrad 241 comments

I have a question, is the blue border line to the far right of all disks meant to be there? as personally i think it looks allot better when its hugged to the end of the disk usage bar.

For anybody else who feels this way you can change it by moving the 'border-right' and 'border-left' properties from the 'bar' class to the classes div target (section directly below it)

Great work anyway, i hope openSUSE include this in their upcoming 10.3 - Aug 26 2007