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Danny Pansters 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

TV & Streaming by ricin 10 comments

That's up to Linux people. Kernel modules and support are quite different. - Apr 06 2008

TV & Streaming by ricin 10 comments

On my website you can find the source and ports for the first beta of kbtv2 (version 1.91). The GUI uses PyQt4 (not KDE4).

I have developed and tested on FreeBSD6 for now. Saa tuning seems broken ATM, intend to fix this for beta2. After that I will move to FreeBSD7.

Added support for Hauppauge pvr150/500 (maybe also 250/350). See README. Works fine for me (except slower startup than other backends). Viewer uses ffmpeg and it is faster and uses less resources than mplayer AFAICT.

I have PAL B/G television signal, so that's the only one I can really test.


I want to do several betas and RCs until I have version 2.0. That version will be submitted to the official FreeBSD ports. - Feb 14 2008

TV & Streaming by ricin 10 comments

That's for Linux. It can't be used as-is.

You should look at the multimedia/pvr250 and pvrxxx ports. They use quite some Linux code too but the firmware and -worse- the actual capture driver (.sys) are binary blobs. Tuning not, that's implemented from datasheets, most of it via v4l I think. Probably from the ivtv codebase.

From what I gathered, the ports make the hardware behave like a bktr, that is you can use bktr-ish sysctl for tuning and some other things. Only the framebuffer itself can not be accessed directly in the "normal" way such as mmap, but 'cat /dev/cmx0' is supposed to yield the YUV (MPEG) data and it can be played directly with mplayer.

I think it should be possible to work with this (I use SDL in kbtv for rendering), albeit a bit clunky using read(). So indeed, it looks a lot better than I'd thought.

Correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm pretty short on time ATM, and about to move to another place, but
I'll ask around as to which HW board is a good choice (in order to support as many others as well) and see if I can bend it to fit in with the rest in kbtv. Hopefully during or after the summer.

Thanks! - May 09 2007

TV & Streaming by ricin 10 comments

Maybe. The ports have been shaping up lately. But it would depend on how much leeway I have, it's my understanding that the driver is a blob and if I don't have any API to do the same things than with the other supported HW then I would feel like I'm not adding anything and people get a crippled GUI. So I'm not sure.

I may look into it, but need to buy some (representative) HW too then. No promises made. - Apr 04 2007

TV & Streaming by ricin 10 comments

It uses the bktr driver that comes with FreeBSD unmodified, so if and how you can set it up like that is a bktr issue. If possible at all you'd have to do it with kernel options I reckon.

If you have poor (slow) image quality and/or high CPU usage, make sure you have some hardware acceleration enabled in your Xorg. Xv is the default used by SDL and it seems to work fine for most people. This is not bktr specific.

HTH - Mar 24 2007