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Rick Rick Handrich
This is the real GNU :-)

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Jun 12 2007
I think you're on to something here. Ugly animals are so heartwarming. Especially when they have a significant symbolic value.

I would crop off the fence, etc. in the distant background. Let the gnu feed in freedom. - Jun 16 2007
Debian Think Correctly wallpaper

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Oct 16 2007
What's with the horns? I'd like it better with just the swirl. - May 21 2007
Don't Screw With Mighty Mouse

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Mar 06 2007
Hope I'm not repeating posts here, but I seem to be having problems. I do appreciate the update. - Mar 07 2007
I've always been a Mighty Mouse fan, and googling doesn't show me any other images as clean as this one.

I'd like it without the writing. - Mar 05 2007

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Jan 23 2007
I can not figure out how to download your wallpapers at the stated pixel depth. When I click on "download, it takes me to your web page. Then I click on the picture and it comes down at 800x640. - Jan 24 2007

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Jan 21 2007
I though I had left this comment b4, but I don't see it. The Picture looks nice, but it's 800x640 pixels - Jan 20 2007
Seeing Eye to Eye

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Sep 04 2006
Just came back to comment on this. Been looking at it a couple weeks now. I like it a lot. - Sep 18 2006
I and my body

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Dec 27 2006
I never did get the one standing in the forest. Don't see it in any of these. - Sep 18 2006
...(locked). - Sep 13 2006
I don't have any particular position on the suitability of these pictures for this site, ... but this is a darn pretty girl, and whoever is taking the pictures is a darn good photographer. - Sep 07 2006

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Jun 14 2006
I could use this without the bluish stripe. - Jun 24 2006

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May 18 2006
I'd like it without the Gnome button covering most of Australia. - May 18 2006

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Nov 24 2001
I'd like it to say, "Designed for a better experience" - Mar 25 2006