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Jochen Faber
Task Bar (DynBar Style)

Karamba & Superkaramba 21 comments

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Mar 13 2005

the bar dont work on my system. I can start it, and Superkaramba shows that it runs, but it is not on the Desktop. I use Fedora Core 5. Only the Systemtray part works.

Any Idea what i can do?

greetz from Germany

Jochen - Oct 15 2006
System Monitor & crystal clear (En+Fr)

Karamba & Superkaramba 8 comments

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Aug 10 2006
Ok, i got i changed. It was a failure from me. But the Tempreature don't work. I use Fedora Core5 and the path is:

So i chenged the path in the theme file, but it dont work. I also looked in Suse 10, there it works with the original path.

The both temperature files looks same. - Oct 14 2006

how can i chance the Font Color? I chnged it in the Theme-File, but Supercaramba don't care about it. - Oct 14 2006