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try next if it fails to compile on kde plugin.
qmake -recursive CONFIG+=nokde

This is a problem with compatibility of kde4 and Qt5.
With Qt4 everything should be just fine. - Jul 20 2015
obviously installer (read "deb package") is broken - Nov 24 2008
google -> make DESTDIR=/any/dir install
i also don't know how to right write makefiles. but next one works pretty good


install -d $(DESTDIR)/etc/gnomenu $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/bin/ $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/lib \
$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/share $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/lib/bonobo/servers
@echo $(PREFIX) > $(DESTDIR)/etc/gnomenu/prefix
install src/bin/ $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/bin/
cp -r src/lib/gnomenu $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/lib
cp -r src/share/gnomenu $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/share
install src/lib/bonobo/GNOME_GnoMenu.server $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/lib/bonobo/servers
@echo "Makefile: GnoMenu installed." - Nov 17 2008
here is ebuild

@author: can you a bit change make install? (see install section in ebuild). i need prefix for root dir. - Nov 17 2008

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