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Taylor L-Wren Duluth, Minnesota, United States of America
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Ambiance Cold

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May 15 2010
Okay, I now added a Lucid package for all my Ambiance themes. It's in my Extra Themes PPA (link in above description). - May 16 2010
That's a good idea, and I've considered it, but I haven't taken the time to set it up. Maybe soon. - May 15 2010
Okay, the version in my launchpad bzr branch now has extra folder added that enables thinner scrollbars. Just change the this line the gtkrc:
include "scrollbars/scrollbar.rc"

include "scrollbars.thin/scrollbar.rc"
- Mar 06 2010
Dust Cold

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Mar 05 2010
If you read the description, It says that Nodoka Dust Cold requires the Nodoka engine from git. Luckily, I provide a link to my Launchpad PPA which contains the packges that you need to install latest version of git. - Jun 15 2009
Okay, I've added changes to Dust Cold and Nodoka Dust Cold in the launchpad code branches I listed in the description.
Just copy the gtkrc files for those themes into yours. That should add a background color to the nautilus sidebar. Tell me if think it works and I'll add the complete packages to this page. - Jun 14 2009
Hmm... that looks like a good idea.
I'll see if I can implement it. - Jun 13 2009
Thanks :) - May 04 2009
Okay, uploaded a new archive. maybe this one will work. - May 02 2009
I just downloaded and checked, everything seems fine from my end. Have you tried re-downloading it? - May 02 2009
Most of the thanks should go to the orignal creators of the dust theme. I just built off of their greatness. - Feb 20 2009
I've figured out what you were talking about. Apparently there's a regression with the Firefox-3.1 upgrade I applied to Dustfox. I'm uploading a fixed version of the theme that works with Firefox-3.0. - Jan 30 2009
I'm not very familiar with how firefox theming works. To edit this theme all I did was change some color code lines in some config files and drop in some extra files for firefox-3.1 compatibility.

Bring this up with the original Dust theme developers and I'll implement any changes they make into this theme. - Jan 24 2009
I believe it was put there intentionally by the designers, and I'm not going to drastically change the art of the theme. Color scheme only. - Nov 11 2008
Ubuntu Dust

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Sep 08 2008
Those are the colors in the actually image files. You'll have to edit the images with graphic editor like gimp to change them. - Jan 05 2009
simpelegance, gdm mockup

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Dec 08 2005
Why hasn't anybody made this yet? - Dec 21 2008
Noia (Update)

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Nov 15 2008
Well, I'm not seeing it in my installation.
Are you using Nautilus? I'm not sure what file browser your using?

Have you tried "gtk-update-icon-cache -f ~/.icons/Noia"? You might have a problem with icon caches. - Nov 14 2008
I'm not seeing this in my Ubuntu 8.10. What are you using, it might help. - Nov 11 2008

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Oct 26 2011
You need to add the inode-directory icon to you places folder to get icons for bookmarks working. - Nov 11 2008
Noia Warm (Update)

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Nov 18 2008
As stated in the description, I used the mono application, Gib. It's not very stable, and if you have to many templates in the "icons" directory, it'll crash on you. You need to have mono installed and the application can be started with "mono gib.exe".

Here's a link to the version I compiled and use:

For information on the Gnome icon naming specification, go here: - Sep 27 2008
You'll be glad to know that I updated it so that icons now work in the GTK Open Dialog. - Sep 11 2008
That's a problem I'm still trying to figure out.
My only guess is that there's something missing in my Icon templates.

If you know which icons are used for the gtk open-dialog, I'll add them to my templates. - Sep 11 2008
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Jan 04 2011

Full Icon Themes
by alecive

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Nov 29 2010

GDM Themes
by TintedGreen

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Aug 12 2010

GnoMenu Skins
by technoshaun

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Aug 12 2010
Flammes pack

Wallpaper Other
by momez

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Aug 12 2010

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by LaGaDesk

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Jul 04 2010
B&W New

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by sagnik

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Sep 13 2009
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May 18 2009
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Feb 22 2009
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

Usplash Themes
by volanin

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Jan 29 2009
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Dec 26 2008

Full Icon Themes
by alecive

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9   Nov 29 2010