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GTK2 Themes

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

by ro1ri
Score 72.2%
Apr 13 2011
So my icon theme was ACYL, with a color from the gtkrc.
On the screenshots the only terminal apps you can see are zsh and scrot, in the floating window. In the background you can see Gvim. I were using sfce4-terminal but I recently switched to urxvt. (It's quite a non-sense to use a fat thing with some tabbed features when you're working with a tiling wm and screen ...
The vim theme file must be in your ~/.vim/colors directory. You must put in your .vimrc "colorscheme nameofthefile" for it to be applied every-time you use Gvim.

PS :
You who seems to love tiling wms and lightweight setups, you should try ratpoison. I'm using it for almost 2 month now and it's just awesome. A bit more hard to handle than wmii but since you know how to use it and have done a fine configuration, you can do everything you want, really. With urxvt + screen for term, uzbl for web browsing and a distribution like ArchLinux or Frugalware, it's really the best I ever try.
ro1ri. - Jun 18 2011
Hi, you can refer to the manual to see how wmii works.
There is a tuto on how to run this window manager inside the gnome desktop :

I personally feel better using this kind of wm just inside X, without anything else. It's light, verry light. - Apr 18 2011
The borders and pannel are provided by wmii, a lightweight tiling manager that I really love. If you want to adapt your WM's theme to fit with these colors, you just need to put in your theme file the colors from my wmiirc extract....

I'm not interested in theming metacity or other WMs, sorry. I only share my gtk theme and the colors I used if you want to build your own theme for your WM. Anyway, if you build one, share it, I would put a link to your page. - Apr 15 2011

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

by ro1ri
Score 80.0%
Apr 13 2011
I don't know, I never tried to work on rgba module. If you know how to do it, I'd be pleased to help you in the best of my humble skills... - Apr 15 2011
Without your work, my theme wouldn't exist.
Thx ! - Apr 15 2011

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 9 comments

Score 62.5%
May 16 2011
Hey, just to tell you I've made a green adaptation of your gtk thème, if you have any problem about it, I can remove it. - Apr 04 2011