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Jason Sauders

Plasma Themes by painkiller101 262 comments

There seems to be an issue in the shutdown menu with this theme. I'm on Kubuntu 12.04.1 with KDE 4.10. - Feb 13 2013
Zukitwo Hybrid

GTK3 Themes by Roasted 9 comments

Nice, nice. Hope you enjoy it! - Nov 24 2011
Zukitwo Hybrid

GTK3 Themes by Roasted 9 comments

Good deal - glad you like it! - Nov 24 2011
Zukitwo Hybrid

GTK3 Themes by Roasted 9 comments

Er... bright light, not low light. My laptop has an unusually bright back-light at higher settings, which I normally use when I'm out and about, so I think that contributed to the off-set red last time. Low light would have only made it more obvious!

Anyway, I just updated the red. It's a rather bold shade, but I think I kind of like it. I left the orange alone, as the more I used orange on a regular system the more I felt as though the orange was decent as is.

I also edited the Gnome Shell themes to match their corresponding color schemes. I had forgotten to do that with the last update.

Let me know what you think! - Nov 23 2011
Zukitwo Hybrid

GTK3 Themes by Roasted 9 comments

Well, I had done the color mock ups on my laptop when I uploaded them initially. Later on I downloaded them on my desktop. Since then I've had mixed thoughts on which route to go for both red and orange. The orange, I feel, pops a bit too much, while the red is a bit too tame. I need to find some time to iron out a middle ground for each one. I suppose the low lighting when I was on my laptop contributed to me at the time thinking "that looks good."

Keep your eyes peeled for an update. This should be an easy fix. I just have to play with the color wheel a bit and plug them in to see how each one looks. - Nov 23 2011

GTK3 Themes by mrmars 12 comments

Since making this change I have seen no pink.

New question - Open Nautilus and drag to select several items at once. It seems as if that shading is the same color as the background, which thereby looks like you're causing the selected items to disappear. Any quick remedy for that? I tried to find that entry but I'm not too good with CSS just yet. - Nov 16 2011
AdwitaWolfe All Dark

GTK3 Themes by superwolfe2000 3 comments

Is there an easy way to adjust the font color? I'm loving this theme, absolutely loving it, but the black text with file names on my desktop, coupled with the very very dim gray that appears in Libre Office Spreadsheet + Chromium is a bit much. Is there any way to flop the black desktop text to white and then brighten up the Chromium/Libre Office font? Once done, wow, this theme would be easily the best dark theme out there. - Nov 14 2011

GTK3 Themes by lassekongo83 364 comments

I've always liked this theme, but I always felt as though the tone of the text color was a bit weak. It just gives it a washed out feeling. Meanwhile on Adwaita, it's a very pronounced black color that looks precise and grabs you. This theme is perfect besides that one little tiny minor thing. - Nov 11 2011

GTK3 Themes by superwolfe2000 16 comments

I'd actually like to re-vamp my previous opinion and maybe build some discussion here quick. I thought this theme was entirely dark? It began to confuse me when I would open up other windows and they would be a bright white, meanwhile Nautilus would remain super dark. The contrast looks entirely imbalanced and is difficult to use as a full time theme when each window is night/day difference. Is there a way to counter this, or is this just how the theme was made? - Nov 11 2011
Plastiq Gtk3

GTK3 Themes by worg 43 comments

This theme is really slick. I like the color choices. I do think I'll be experimenting with the blue hue though, as a burnt orange or a red might look great there as well. I keep opening applications expecting to see errors but so far everything is great. The ONLY thing is in LibreOffice spreadsheet, the numbers on the columns/rows are black on black-ish background. Someone above mentioned the black text in Tools - Options. I have a feeling these two things might be related.

Besides that, seriously, great job. I dig this theme quite a lot (especially after that pink bug fix). :) - Nov 10 2011

GTK3 Themes by ninez 24 comments

I kind of thought that would be the case. When I zoomed in super far I saw a bunch of different (yet very similar) shades of the same color which made up the entire letter that I was looking at. I figured there was a similar hex code somewhere in the file that "blended" across an array of similar colors. I figured that's why the letters had a blended, easy flowing look to them as opposed to sharp night/day differences in color at the edges.

Thanks for the quick response. As before, let me know if I can test anything on my 11.10 system. I love this theme so much, and the Software Center text color thing I brought up here is literally the *only* thing I wasn't a huge fan of. But I'm sure it'll get cracked! Thanks again. - Nov 09 2011

GTK3 Themes by ninez 24 comments

I'm not an expert at theme creation, but here's what I did. I ended up taking a screenshot of the Ubuntu Software Center and loaded it into Gimp. I zoomed in super close and tool two color samples - one from the text, one from the background. I searched both files for the color codes - CFCFCE and C1BCBE, but I could not find either one.

I'm up for helping in any way I can, so let me know if there's anything I can do. In the meantime, here's a screenshot: - Nov 09 2011

GTK3 Themes by ninez 24 comments

Is it just me, or is the Ubuntu Software Center almost unreadable with this theme enabled? The text color and background color are nearly the same shade of gray. Using 11.10... - Nov 07 2011

GTK3 Themes by superwolfe2000 16 comments

I've tried several dark themes, but this one takes the cake. It's very refined and the different colors flow together. The only curve ball is Chromium looked a little strange (the text was too light). However, a quick install of an alternative Chromium theme and I was in good shape. Aside from that, I absolutely love this theme. Installing it on all of my boxes. Thanks!! - Oct 29 2011
Mac4Lin ver.0.4 GTK Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by infrareddude 10 comments

wow. someone ban kiwiadam2. crazy apple zealot.

@ author - solid icon theme! - May 23 2011
Ambiance - v2

GTK2 Themes by Roasted 2 comments

This is something I am already looking into. I don't know how to create themes, so I'm trying to learn as I go with trial-and-error with editing this one to the max.

I'll try and figure it out and re-upload when I do. :) - May 16 2010

GTK3 Themes
by mrmars

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