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Robert Bamler

System Software by Sho 1026 comments

I really like this app. But I think it would be even cooler if you were able to drag any application (or any kpart) to the yakuake window (eg. calculator, desktop search...). Just an idea... - Mar 26 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by FJR 249 comments

The file konqsidebarplugin.h is missing. On my distribution, this is included in the package "kdebase-dev".

Maybe the configure-script should check for this file. - Mar 25 2006
Konqueror Burning Sidebar

Utilities by phlegmatic 60 comments

This is really cool. (However, I wasn't able to blank RW-discs.)

Are there already plans to integrate this into the default KDE distribution? - Jan 25 2005

Developers Apps by cpasteur 29 comments

Thank you for your help. I finally managed the installation by choosing "/opt/kde3" as prefix. So, to all "SuSE 9.1 Personal"-users that may read this post: type "./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3". - Aug 20 2004

Developers Apps by cpasteur 29 comments

This application looks really great, but unfortunately I can't install it on my SuSE 9.1 system. I ran "./configure", "make", "su" and "make install" and no error occured. But when I then tried to run "kformdesigner", bash couldn't find this application. So I added "/usr/local/kde/share/apps/kfd_part" and "/usr/local/kde/share/apps/kformdesigner/" to my path. When I now run "kformdesigner", I get:

kformdesigner: WARNING: KXMLGUIClient::setXMLFile: cannot find .rc file kfd_mainwindow.rc

And an error-window pops up, saying:

"Could not find the KFormDesigner part. Please check your installation."

Running "kformdesigner" as root doesn't help either.

Please excuse me if I'm just asking a dump question, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere on the web. Further, I couldn't find any compiled package of kformdesigner for SuSE (I only found some for Mandrake). If somebody has found a SuSE-rpm, please inform me.

Thanks a lot. - Aug 19 2004