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Jan 29 2019
If you just want title and issue number, hide all columns except those two, the generate a report. - Jan 29 2019
Hi Zunami, I appreciate your being interesting in Tellico. As stated in that link I gave, you have to sign up for an amazon webservices account in order to use Tellico to search amazon. Their rules, not mine. You enter that account information just like any of the other data sources, from the Tellico settings. None of the Amazon functionality has been removed.

Please stop accusing me of things. It's not nice. I don't use kde-apps as a support forum, either. I'm only answering you because I'm awake early this morning. The best channel is the tellico-users mailing list, which is given in the About Tellico dialog. The second-best is the KDE forum, linked on the Tellico homepage. - Dec 07 2009 - Dec 06 2009
Tellico isn't completely ported to KDE4 yet, so it doesn't work under Windows. Sorry. - Dec 03 2008
DCOPIDL=`which dcopidlng` make
- Oct 23 2008
Sorry if the tenor on that previous reply sounded rough. BoardGameGeek has a nice XML api, so I may end up rewriting the plugin in C++ anyway, but the ruby script is indeed optional, and ruby is not needed for any other function for Tellico.

I hope that helps you. - Feb 03 2008
It is optional. You don't have to have ruby to run Tellico. Scripts will work in any language. The person who contributed this script just happened to write it in ruby. You're welcome to rewrite it in whatever language you want and send me a patch. I'm not going to remove functionality just because it adds an optional requirement. - Feb 03 2008
thanks, should be fixed now - Sep 29 2007
1. Yeah, I should probably add (k)ubuntu to the list. I'm not sure if Tellico is in the default installation, though.
2. Eventually, but I haven't started yet.
3. Concurrent access won't work, but there's no reason why you couldn't open the data file from different machines. Images might be an issue, since they get saved in the user's .kde/ directory, but you could turn on the setting for saving the images in the data file. - Sep 23 2007
It does. I just tried with imdb and amazon. - Mar 23 2007
the rating field lets you click on the stars in the editor, just not in the column view like amarok does. - Nov 11 2006
Thanks for the heads up. In a corner case, the images could be lost on save, too, so everyone please upgrade to 1.2.2. Version 1.2 did not have the problem.

Very sorry... - Sep 07 2006
Great to have confirmation, glad that it's improved for you. - Aug 15 2006
I'd really rather not use kde-apps as a support site. Please send your questions and bug reports to the Tellico mailing list. Info at

You benefit more people by using the mailing list. It's much easier to reply. And more people might help you. - Apr 03 2006
Are your images in the data file or are you saving them to the app dir? Are your images showing up when you view the entries? Just compile with --disable-debug if you want to turn off all the messages, too. - Apr 03 2006
Having a .directory file with an Icon setting is the spec for setting images for a directory, and many audio players use that as a de facto album cover.

You can edit multiple records at once. - Apr 03 2006
If there's a .directory file with a line setting the icon, Tellico will pick up that up.

Otherwise, try updating the album using the amarok-search script, - Apr 03 2006
Not sure what to tell you. If you have a movie entry, with a blank cast, then updating from IMDB should fill it in. There's no option to pick and choose which fields get updates, all the empty ones do. - Mar 06 2006
The moc file should be created automatically. Have you tried rerunning configure? If that fails, you can create it manually:

/usr/lib/qt3/bin/moc -o datewidget.moc datewidget.h

from inside the src/gui/ directory.

(Change the moc command line to whereever qt is installed for you...) - Feb 09 2006
The moc file should be created automatically. Have you tried rerunning configure? If that fails, you can create it manually:

/usr/lib/qt3/bin/moc -o datewidget.moc datewidget.h

from inside the src/gui/ directory.

(Change the moc command line to whereever qt is installed for you...) - Jan 13 2006
No plan, no. You're welcome to contribute. You can either code an external script that searches the website and returns Tellico XML or code an internal class, which would be more difficult.

Email me and I can give you more details.

I'll also add those websites to a list, and perhaps I can take a look at them myself sometime. - Nov 07 2005
These libtool problems seems to be coming up more frequently. All I can tell you is that I think it's a packaging problem. Libtool is black magic to me, and you may need to edit some .la files to remove references to non-existant ones, that's all I know... - Oct 28 2005
1. How about pulling down imdb ratings.

Sure, I can look into that.

2. Putting "Plot summary" and "features" after General tab.

Just move those fields ahead of the others in the fields editor. The ordering is taken from there.

3. Can we get a few more media selections for movie lists, like divx3/4, xvid, OGG etc.

You can open up the fields editor and add them youself. Everything about the field is customizable.

4. Maybe in a later date seeing support for ebay auctions.

For tracking auctions? I'm not sure what you mean here. - Sep 30 2005
Thanks! - Sep 10 2005

  • bool importTellico(QString file,QString action)
  • bool importBibtex(QString file,QString action)
  • bool importMODS(QString file,QString action)
  • bool importRIS(QString file,QString action)
  • bool exportXML(QString file)
  • bool exportBibtex(QString file)
  • bool exportHTML(QString file)
  • bool exportCSV(QString file)
  • bool exportPilotDB(QString file)
  • QStringList bibtexKeys()

action is either "replace", "append", or "merge"

Any other suggestions? - Aug 10 2005
I'm not sure what you mean. The CDDB import reads the CD directly and queries the FreeDB server, there's no CDDB file really. - Mar 09 2005
Thanks, fixed. - Jan 21 2005
If your barcode scanner outputs straight text, I don't see why that wouldn't work. Just open the ISBN list in the search window. - Dec 13 2004
Are these pre-compiled packages? If they are, then they have to be compiled with the yaz library development headers, which they may not have been. You can check by running ldd `which tellico` and see if yaz is included in the list.

If you're compiling from source, you need the development headers, too, not just the library files. - Dec 12 2004
Should be fixed in 0.13.1

Please email me next time. It's faster. - Dec 12 2004
Try a more recent version. Amazon import has just been added. If you have problems with it, let me know. - Sep 30 2004
Fixed, thanks. - May 12 2004
It inserts a string command in the bibtex output. See The key would be the string macro and the property value would be what it expands to. Then in one of your field values, you can use # to include the macro.

For example, defining a macro as
kde-apps = \url{}
and then using kde-apps as a field value. - May 03 2004

There is an item "macro" in the "Collection" menu.

What is its functionnality ?
How use it ?

It should be called Bibtex Macro, I guess. It's only for adding/editing macros for bibtex export from bibliography collections.

- Apr 28 2004
Heikki Lehväslaiho has a script for fetching info from IMDb for movies and saving it to a Bookcase data file. You can append or merge that file to your existing Bookcase collection. It works really well. - Apr 20 2004

% make clean


I don't treat kde-apps as a support forum, so it's always better to email me than post here. - Mar 17 2004
NVidia bug, read this page:

The RPM doesn't work since it's specific to Mandrake. - Feb 08 2004
One way to stop Bookcase from DTD polling is to compile with the --with-xml-catalog switch in the configure script. That's why I hadn't noticed the slowdown myself.

Meanwhile, I'll try to figure out how to disable the DTD parsing altogether. - Feb 04 2004
It was a bug with Unicode characters, 0.8.2 should fix your problem. - Feb 04 2004
That's weird. I guess I need to check some options in libxslt. I did change the DTD to refer to a canonical site, but I didn't realize that it would download it every time.

Color me bumfuzzled. - Feb 04 2004
Can you send me the exact error? You'll probably get an answer a lot quicker by emailing me than posting it here. I think my registered email address here is different than on my website, but you can use robby at periapsis dot org. - Jan 29 2004
It's my fault. I'd upgraded my version of libxml2 on my development box to take advantage of some speed improvements, and forgot to downgrade when I built the 9.2 packages. Try the -2 RPMS at - Jan 26 2004

Fudd, info at For Mandrake, it's in the fonts-ttf-west_european package.

- Jan 11 2004 movies search script

Tellico Scripts 4 comments

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Dec 08 2010
Try it once more, I saved it with the wrong encoding.

And it you wouldn't mind, these types of things are better suited for the tellico-users mailing list. Easier to reply and all that. - Oct 14 2006
I updated the version in Tellico SVN and it seems to work better now. You can wait until next release or grab the script directly. Thanks. - Oct 07 2006
Amazon Enhanced Data Source

Tellico Scripts 2 comments

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Sep 19 2006
Embedding the images is a great idea. Your screenshot shows it off well. - Sep 21 2006