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Androo J Stockholm, Sverige

Global Themes 6 comments

by l4k1
Score 66.7%
Dec 06 2019
Absolutely blyatiful jebote! Dark and futuristic is absolutely my favorite.
- Jun 28 2019
Materia KDE

Plasma Themes 35 comments

Score 84.3%
Jun 16 2020
Okey, i installed from the Git repo.. it broke my plasma.. missing icons, nothing blurred eventhough settings where set to blur. :S am i missing something? - Feb 01 2019
Sitting on KDE Neon 5.14.5 And when i try to install the Materia Blur, it fails. I really want this theme, it has beautiful dark transparent theme for Dolphin! So far no other theme seems to work either..
- Feb 01 2019

Global Themes
by l4k1

Score 66.7%
Jun 28 2019
Force Blur

Kwin Scripts
by esjeon

Score 88.5%
Jun 28 2019