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Marco Gulino Milano, Italy
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Video Apps

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Feb 11 2009
I'm looking into it, but it seems to be a kdelibs/kdebase problem look the number of kio_thumbnail processes too... it's not mplayerthumbs launching multiple mplayer sessions, it's kde launching multiple mplayerthumbs sessions (each one with about one instance of mplayer).
As a temporary workaround, try adding "part" to the blacklisted extensions. - May 11 2009
try lastest version, please, the issue is solved. - Feb 11 2009
You're probably missing some header (development) packages, the kde3 application is still compiling fine here. - Jun 26 2008
Maybe because it's only for kde4?
Grab the old version (0.5) for kde3. - Jun 23 2008
I added a mirror link - Jul 01 2006
Done. I replaced -nosound with -ao null.. but i didn't add the -sstep option, it wasn't working for me.
Anyway, i added support for custom arguments, just run mplayerthumbsconfig. you can add -sstep there.
Thanks! - Jul 01 2006
Ok. I added support to blacklisted extensions, just run mplayerthumbsconfig. - Jul 01 2006
Actually it doesn't read extensions, but mimetypes.
If the .sub extension is configured as a video application in your system, i can't do anything.. please check this - Jun 29 2006
Fixed compilation order.
I tried the ebuild, and now it works.
Thanks for reporting. - Jun 29 2006
It seems you can't get my emails.. so here is it: - Jun 28 2006
Yes, i know, i'm working on it for 0.4 version, out soon.. (for previous message too..) - Jun 27 2006
wtf? it truncated my comment?
i said.. just add "-nocache" to the args QStringList.
Also, if you can contact me i'd need someone to test the newer version before releasing. - Jun 27 2006
weird.. i didn't expected something like that! :P
Well.. just add a - Jun 27 2006
same url, replace 0.3 with 0.2 - Jun 27 2006
it should give you also the full command line..
You'll see something like -vo jpeg:outdir=SOMETHING
replace that something with another dir (in tmp) empty, and launch manually that command.. - Jun 26 2006
try with ./configure --enable-debug=full
then recompile, and look again for .xsession-errors - Jun 26 2006
Oh.. well... i didn't noticed that, but konqueror automatically provides remote support with kioslave :D - Jun 26 2006
try opening a console in your home directory and running
tail -f .xsession-errors | grep videopreview

Also, what URL? a local one? at this time MPlayerThumbs don't support remote urls (but i'm working on it) - Jun 26 2006
temporary workaround: replace the line

KTempDir::removeDir( );


tmpdir.unlink(); - Jun 24 2006
oh.. don't mind..
It's a method introduced in kde 3.5.2, i didn't noticed it.
Next version will have this fixed.. hope to release it in 1/2 days - Jun 24 2006
kde version? - Jun 24 2006
It's not an application, it's a library.
You have to install it (and remove the original xine-artsplugin, perhaps.. but this is not mandatory afaik), kill every kio_thumbnail process (this isn't mandatory too, but otherwise you need to restart kde or wait before the process die by itself before konqueror will use it).
After this konqueror will use my plugin instead of the original xine-arts one to generate video thumbnails (if not, in the "View" menu select "Preview", and check "Video Files"). - Jun 23 2006
Problem: how to recognize raw files?
Here file -i says image/tiff, which is already taken by the standard image thumbnail generator.. - Jun 23 2006
Now i'm taking the thumbs seeking to 20seconds, and then taking the fourth frame. It drops down to the first frame only if the source can't seek.
For a lot of files it seems to fit well in my system, however let's see some other comments and we'll see.
Actually it's faster, because the xine backend can't seek at all, and it plays some seconds (4 or 5, as i can read from sources), and also has to scale manually the images (while mplayer can scale by itself)
About the film holes.. i'll work on it, but at this time a priority is to get it work first on non-local files, imho - Jun 23 2006
Could you send me any raw image? I don't have anything in my local system. - Jun 23 2006

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Jun 25 2011
Yes, look this: - Jun 06 2007
Added to kmobiletools download page.
Thanks! - Apr 07 2007
Fixed in current svn.
Thanks - Sep 27 2006
That's why we call it "beta".. otherwise i already had release final.
Anyway.. the popups windows now are "off" by default.. it was _ONLY_ a way to give the tester a visual feedback of what kmobiletools were doing in that moment (i.e.: if it's crashing you can easly identify what caused the crash).
I was already planning unverbosing them in the final version, anyway..
Also, test current svn (beta2 coming soon), i did a lot of stability fixes.
Marco - Sep 06 2006
That's quite easy to say..
I already made an announce searching for someone developing gammu engine.. but none answered yet.
And i don't have ANY mobile phone compatible with gammu.
I can only launch two ideas:
1) if you know anyone interested in opensource and that knows a bit of c++, point him to me.
2) Donations? i could try helping gammu engine, if i only had a nokia phone (compatible with gammu, of course..) - Sep 06 2006
yes.. it's planned.. but currently the only feature of gammu engine is that it compiles :P
Finally i found someone working on it, anyway.. just look the svn version on our site for updates - Apr 27 2006
The 0.4.3 compiled without that?
I'm a bit stuck, i didn't know about that dependency.. but you can simply try installing that lib - Mar 21 2005
Yep.. and it will, if you'll update QT.
KDE 3.2 != QT 3.2 - Mar 18 2005
As i said in the website, QT 3.2 is not supported (threading issues). - Mar 18 2005
Ok, i got it.
Just try this:
i tested it on slackware, downgrading KDE to 3.2.
Note: QT 3.2 seems _NOT_ supported. - Feb 18 2005
For exporting addressbook, you can add ~/.kde/share/apps/kmobiletools/kmobiletools.vcf to your kdepim addressbook (as a file resource).
For mail and other stuff.. well, here you should really wait :) - Dec 13 2004
t610 should be supported. Just check you've the right SMS/Phonebook slots in the config dialog - Dec 11 2004
Try today's snapshot, should work fine (pre 0.4.0).
Bye - Sep 18 2004

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Nov 06 2006
There's also a configure tab for that.. you can enter exactly that values (with the GUI)
Anyway, you're welcome :) - Nov 07 2006
You mean kmobiletools itself or the kioslave?
Anyway, i've developed it nearly only with usb phones, so yes, it does.
And the kioslave takes every option from obexftp, so it can support everything supported by obexftp (then usb too) - Nov 07 2006
KMobileTools has an experimental kioslave using obexftp API.
It's still a young project, but it works fine. You could join the project if you like it.
(configure kmobiletools svn with --enable-kioslaves) - Nov 07 2006
mplayerthumbs ebuild

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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Jul 01 2006
yep, there was a problem in detecting mplayer
Anyway, --with-mplayer=PATH_TO_MPLAYER seems to work fine (i've gentoo amd64 too) - Jun 26 2006
Ok.. thanks then.. now i know that the configure script is a bit bugged..
Let me test it a bit.. - Jun 26 2006
The current configure script first search for mplayer-bin, then for mplayer, if it doesn't find the -bin .. it also accept a --with-mplayer=PATH parameter.. why you had to replace it with sed?
Anyway, thanks for packaging :) - Jun 26 2006
video thumbs idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 10 comments

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May 30 2006
I've started taking random frames in mplayerthumbs too.
Check it (it's here in, too) - Jun 26 2006
KMobileTools - Mockup

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

by zammi
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Jun 05 2006
A lot of work is already done about filesystem..
There's a kioslave for obex, and also a fuse module.
I've done a kioslave too for motorola p2k (very buggy, but it works..), there's a fuse module for siemens too, if i remember correctly.
It needs to collect all of these, make an unique configuration tool, check "exceptions" (like mobile phones that needs to be "initialized" with some at commands first), and doing some fixes here and there.
It's not really a big work.. but i need someone helping in this
p.s.: hi blues ;) - Jun 05 2006
Did you already saw svn version?
Of course, it's quite different, but the concept of a "index page" is really similar - Jun 05 2006

System Software 21 comments

by dion
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Mar 02 2005
Voted as good!
As i said to the developers i'm really enjoing with this tool
I'm waiting for a shared library, perhaps we'll make a kio-slave in my kmobiletools - Mar 21 2005

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Jun 27 2009
I was searching for something similar..
I'll try to add it as a debug console in kmobiletools :)
Thanks - Jan 31 2005
Kaffeine Player

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Jul 06 2008
I've often preferred kaffeine from other video and also audio players for the equalizer: neither xine and mplayer have it (well, gmplayer has it, but it's really ugly), and neither amarok.
Why don't you put it back again? - Oct 09 2004