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Rahul Jain

GTK3 Themes by fuchur 22 comments

Hi, sorry, it seems to be working fine. I just looked at screenshot and thought that the theme comes with window borders of it's own and wondered why I couldn't find it in the list. One thing - Nemo (Linux Mint's file manager) looks funny, it's dark icon labels on dark background. I tested it with the Smoothly 3.8 and Smoothly 3.10. - Mar 15 2014

GTK3 Themes by fuchur 22 comments

For some reason, the window borders/titlebar isn't detected in Linux Mint 16.Hope that is resolved :) - Mar 15 2014

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 6 comments

I have a request.. can you please at least finish this theme? In e17 0.17.3, the calendar looks out of whack, the infobox when hovering over icons is unthemed, and the fonts are inconsistent when scaling to 1.2. Can you please take care of that, or at least replace those elements with their default counterparts from B&W? This is the only few theme for E that I like. Please, man.. - Jun 07 2013
Watercolor Flat

GTK3 Themes by unheeding 6 comments

I've seen plenty of whistler themes but this one while nice needs to have the controls themed watercolor style too. - Feb 28 2013

GTK3 Themes by fuchur 22 comments

very unique - Feb 23 2013
Midnight Moonlight - OpenGEU theme

Enlightenment Themes by Duma 9 comments

This theme is really nice, but fonts in the calendar for example is messed up when using 1.2 scaling. Could be better. Hope to see the issue fixed. - Feb 07 2013

Enlightenment Themes by rpil 6 comments

Hmm, it appears I had one of the alternate style taskbars on. The default seems to be ok. :) - Dec 26 2012

Enlightenment Themes by rpil 6 comments

this is a nice theme, but there could be improvements like the analog clock's hands could be more readable and the taskbar could be a bit darker so that icons stand out. - Dec 25 2012

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 13 comments

This is a very nice, clean theme, but I'm using newest e17 and the digital clock is unreadable and is using image from default theme and also the task module. I think the theme needs more updating for a more consistent look. - Dec 12 2012

Full Icon Themes by tsujan 83 comments

Hi, this theme doesn't work with 3.6, it's available in Gnome tweak tool menu, but icons remain the default ones. - Oct 02 2012

GTK3 Themes by lassekongo83 364 comments

Please port this very nice theme to Gnome 3.6! - Oct 02 2012