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AmberChrome (Gtk2 and Gtk3)

GTK3/4 Themes by Rodeo 8 comments

Hey thanks! To be fair though, this theme is basically a copy of the Vertex Maia Dark theme, I just changed some colors and made some fixes and cosmetic improvements.

As far as different colors go, Vertex Maia Dark is already pretty much cyan, so you can check that out.

If you want to customize the colors, there are to files you need to modify, one for GTK2 and one for GTK3. They are AmberChrome/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and AmberChrome/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

The first line of gtkrc is a list of colors. Edit the hex values there to your liking to change colors for GTK2 apps. Also, starting about line 90 there are a few blocks of colors that say things like base[INSENSITIVE] = @bg_color Edit these as well to your liking. Some widgets may require extra tweaking in their style sections.

Some useful (necessary) reading/references: this one and the ones on the other theming engines are invaluable to trying to figure out some of those widget style blocks.

For GTK3, on line 26 a new block starts like .gtkstyle-fallback { ...
Edit the hex colors in that block to adjust the default colors for GTK3 apps. At the end of the file there is also a number of color declarations you can edit that will change some defaults. *However*, most color theming is done directly in the CSS style blocks for the relevant widget. So it can be challenging sometimes to find or write the line of code to get things exactly as you want.


Searching the files for keywords is your friend! They're like thousands of lines long.

There are quite a number of tutorials online for GTK3, searching the web will be helpful there. GTK2 is a little more obscure, but you can find most of everything you need, and experimentation can take of the rest.

BTW, for testing your theme, this is a very useful tool:

Good luck! - Dec 15 2017
AmberChrome (Gtk2 and Gtk3)

GTK3/4 Themes by Rodeo 8 comments

Fixed! See the new screenshot for a preview of the fixed widget. Hopefully I did the CSS right so that it works with any size of the widget. Let me know if there are still problems.

BTW that widget is called a "switch" in Gtk3 ;) A toggle button is a regular button that toggles between the pressed state and the normal state when you click it, i.e. it will stay in the pressed state until you click it again. - Nov 18 2017
AmberChrome (Gtk2 and Gtk3)

GTK3/4 Themes by Rodeo 8 comments

Right, IIRC that's Gtk3. I'll see what I can do to fix it, I think the assets are there, I just need to fiddle with the CSS. I'll try to get it done this weekend. - Nov 18 2017
AmberChrome (Gtk2 and Gtk3)

GTK3/4 Themes by Rodeo 8 comments

Thanks! I'm hoping to do a flat theme soon with the same colors. - Nov 17 2017