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Roman Kiefer , Germany
Dolphin Service Menus
Meld Menu

Dolphin Service Menus 21 comments

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Jul 03 2019
Thank you. I've made the changes. - Jul 03 2019
If you send me the four translations, I'll put them in the file.
- Meld menu
- Set file/folder
- Compare with file/folder
- Compare selected files/folder

There are some variants which are offered in different places. These are finally copied from this. This is noticeable by the fact that also the errors were copied, which were repaired by me. But I don't believe that these variants are still actively supported. This is the frustrating side of OpenSource.

Regards - Jun 13 2019
Thanks for the hint. I'll change the code accordingly. - Jan 09 2014
Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, in my opinion kompare can not compete with meld. Therefore, I also use meld and not kompare. As far as I know, by kompare is already a service menu integrated (I'm not sure it's been so long ago).

Is it advisable to take up the code here? Or is it better to set its own app? I think the latter is probably better to avoid mixing, since it deals with a different program. I can then set a reference to kompare-menu.

Regards, Roman - Mar 04 2013
Sure, I planned to adjust the description, if I change the screen shots. For that I want to take more time. The functionality I want because even describe a little.

Regards, Roman - Nov 27 2012
The update has already been made. Only the screenshot are not changed (I'll do tonight).
Thanks - Nov 27 2012
first of all thank you for the advice. I will customize the menu nor accordingly.

At first glance, it looks simple, but your solution has a downside. When I compare folders or files, I'm not often into the same directory and have jump back and forth. Then I can not use your variant. A menu of both types, but I find good and I will implement yet.

@ msx
I do not know how the others feel, but I find it unnecessary to open another fork. This results in only confusing entries. I will merge the changes into the menu and then the menu exists twice.

Regards, Roman - Nov 27 2012
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Dolphin Service Menus 38 comments

by danux
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May 25 2014
Works great and I like that.

Here are two comments:
- For the icon I use the path (64bit system):
The lib64 folder don't exists.
- I think "Als Anhang mit Thunderbird verschicken" is the better German translation.

Ciao Roman

Kubuntu 12.10 (64bit), Firefox 17.0 - Nov 26 2012
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Dolphin Service Menus
by danux

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Oct 22 2013
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus
by hash87

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9   Mar 26 2014
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Dolphin Service Menus
by danux

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9   Nov 26 2012