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Feb 21 2006

I did not had any time for development. But now I'm developing a complete new GUI for KDE4. This GUI will be available as soon as possible and is based on a separate library. If you want a new distribution supported, just the library is to be changed. Maybe its available in summer 2008. - Mar 27 2008
I'm currently rewriting kbootsplash, so that it will be possible to run with other distributions.

Every distri need its own class, so you have to write a class for every distribution.

The GUI is idepentend from the distrisupport.

But I'm unable to write this classes for all distributions.

So If you want to help me, I can send you an UML of the classes, how the should look like and what they have to provide.

It is impossible for me to work alone on this.
- Nov 03 2006
you wrote you haven't try -prefix

but I told you to use


you have forgotten one -

it should work fine.

But if you want, tell me your Distribution.

If it is SuSE 10 I can build a rpm package for you. - Jun 22 2006
Are you sure to have the KDE Development packages installed?

Build with SuSE e.g.

./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3

perhaps you have to handle it in such a way - Jun 21 2006
Please tell me what distribution do you use?

Does run make correctly and is kbootsplash installed correctly?

What exactly went wrong? - May 02 2006
I'm sorry, the kbootsplash does not know any resolution higher than 1280x1024.

I have added the support for a lot more resolutions. They will be available in the next version (prehaps in a complete rewrtie with 0.5)

I'm working on it, but have not much time by now.

I'm sorry - Feb 22 2006
I need more infos about the segfault.

kbootsplash is developed and testes on SuSE 10.0 64Bit.

Which distribution do you use?

When do the segfaults appear? - Feb 17 2006
The resolutions are depending on the bootsplash theme. Pleseae tell me where to find themes with that resolutions.

If I have such themes to test them I can add more resolutions.

It is impossible to let the user add their own resolution, because they can type resolutions that not exists. And If the use a theme, which does not support the resolution, this theme will not work. Therefore the user will ask me why kbootsplash don't work correctly. - Jul 23 2005
KDE 3.4 is supported by kbootsplash.

I have tested slackware 10.1 yesterday to find out what your crash problem might be.

And the conclusion of the test is, kbootsplash compiles well with KDE 3.4 and runs well too.

Please specifiy the problem more in detail, because on my system it works well and there is no crash anyway. - May 19 2005
I'm sorry about this,
but I don't have SuSE 9.3 and I'm not sure how the program works with SuSE 9.3

I will add support for SuSE 9.3 as soon as I have time to go on this problem. - May 09 2005
It seems like you have not installed the kdelibs - devel correctly or the pathes could not be found.

check the path and the libs.

Please note, if you are using gentoo you currently have manually move your initrd to the right location. - Mar 05 2005
Slackwaresupport is currently in progress.
There is a programmer allready helping me at this point.

Perhaps on friday the 4th of march a next alpha release will come out with experimental slackwaresupport. - Feb 28 2005
Fedora currently did not use the bootsplash in the way other distributions do.

Fedora starts an X - Server directly after the initial bootsteps. That is the bootsplash of fedora.

Currently I don't know how to change themes there. - Feb 25 2005
Does it work with kbootsplash 0.3.1?

perhaps Mandrake changed something in their initrd scripts.

But installation of new themes should work correctly.

I will check this and correct this bug as soon as possible. - Feb 23 2005
I'am sorry that I'm not able to support linux from scratch. You have to know that every distribution has its own bootsplash system and the most systems have no standards.

Linux from scratch is a little more problematic as debian an slackware.

If you want to get your distribution supported, just help me developing the support. This program is concepted for beginners.

Well I will try to support it, when I know how it work with linux from scratch.

You also have to know the problematic to figure out the initrd and the generation of the initrd on such distributions. SuSE and Mandrake have their scripts for generating the initrd and on these Distribution you have only one initrd, which is standardized and is allways the same. On LFS in theorie you can make dozens of different initrd files and every one has its own with the own unique name.

I hope, that you now see the problem some distributions have.

But you can help me if you want. - Oct 21 2004
Thanks, I will correct this in the next version - Oct 21 2004
The gentoo spash is partailly support at this time. Yes I'am planning to support gentoo completly. But I need someone for testing. - Oct 21 2004
I will support Debian of curse but it will take some time.

Perhaps I will release kbootsplash 0.3.5 befor kbootsplash 0.4 which will include debian support.

But I need some people for testing!

Also I need someone who can explain how to change the bootsplash under debian because I don't know debian and did not have tested it anyway. - Aug 26 2004
I'm working on it.

Version 0.3 should have Fedora support, but as I was programming this feature I couldn't figure out how to change the bootsplash under Fedora.

By now I don't know how to change the bootsplash under Fedora. So I have to learn the functionality of changing the bootsplash under this system.

But I can promise that the fedora support is in work.

Please be patient. - Jun 08 2004
This is planed for kbootsplash 0.4.

I'am working on such an editor when the final 0.3 is released. - May 10 2004
I'am working on it, but it will take a while.

Yes, Mandrake and SuSE, both have the ability to change the starttheme. But only change and not install new one's.

The next fact is, that kbootsplash has lot's of more features than SuSE and Mandrake in their tools for changing the starttheme.

Of curse SuSE has the ability to change the resolution of the console and other tools according to this, but you have to find them in yast (e.g. Sysconfig Editor) and then look for the right settings in the used tools.

Kbootsplash has all the funcionality in one tool.

Debian support will be included, when I have found a solution to make this in a way, in which it works correctly. But by now, only SuSE and Mandrake are supported. - May 07 2004
I'am sorry, that I can't help you at the moment. kbootsplash does not work with debian ath this time Currently only SuSE and Mandrake are supported.

The next supported Distributions will be:

- gentoo
- fedora core
- slackware
- debian

There are still some issues with the debian support, but I'am working on it. Perhaps in some further releases I will realise the debian support completly but now, even if you get it to compile and run under your debian system, it will tell you that debian is not supported at this time and exit. - May 06 2004
OK, I'am working on it to korrekt it.

Version 0.2 will support Mandrake too.

Changing the bootsplash under SuSE will be found in my sourcecode. - Mar 11 2004
No it's not the same.

In KDE 3.2 you can change the ksplash, but with kbootsplash you can change the splash you see, when your linux starts. The bootsplash is different of the ksplash.

For example, when SuSE starts, you see a SuSE background image with a progressbar, that is the bootsplash. Then, when KDE start's you see the ksplash, which you can change with the program included in KDE 3.2. - Mar 08 2004
No it is not integrated in kcontrol.

What kind of errors do you get? - Mar 08 2004
I'am currently working on it.
In Version 0.2 it will be available, in about two weeks.

I use the standard pid functions to test if root or not and implement it.

Here are my plans for next version's:
0.1 - complete the main functionality
- fixing the known bugs
0.2 - Test if root or not
- Delete themes

0.3 - Theme Designer

I'am currently looking for some new ideas. - Mar 07 2004
If have looked for an aplication like this, but I didn't find your's. I used google, sourceforge, and didn't find yours.

So I programmed this one. - Mar 06 2004