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Alin Tunza Iasi, Romania
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Full Icon Themes by rootalkin 3 comments

Sometimes found itself a very beautiful theme. But I realized that missing desktop icons or picture or something. What I try to give it the whole package.
And in terms of copyright. Most icons are free. Apple, Microsoft etc. have WindBlind rights reserved. And they do not take from it. The fact that I passed on linux because of piracy. Windows when I had a lot of problems. Linux when I get some rest.
Anyway ... I have work. Barely made my account today. It is normal for the beginning to make mistakes. Over time I was to perfection. - May 22 2010

GTK2 Themes by rootalkin 3 comments

this difference is that I loaded and icons, desktop pictures, etc. Beryl theme.
Search ... diehard and you'll see. - May 22 2010