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Lila HD icon theme

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Score 69.5%
Mar 15 2020
Also, forgot to mention, really like the colors and the mirror finish glossy design. The colors are bright, but not too saturated and overpowering. - Oct 21 2019
FINALLY a new skeuomorphic icon theme! I'm so sick of flat and material design, so good to see someone still making good old fashioned 3D icons that have some "body" and features to them, and don't just look like cartoon drawings. - Oct 21 2019
Evolvere Icon theme

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Score 81.7%
Mar 25 2018
Don't know why I didn't try this theme before. Probably the best looking icon theme I've seen in a while. It has the modern flat look, but still retains some realism, instead of going all minimalistic like almost every single theme coming out these days. - Nov 26 2018