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Plasma Color Schemes
GTK3 Themes

GTK3 Themes 31 comments

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Mar 30 2020
Thanks so much for keeping the Adwaita colour dream alive :D - Mar 31 2020

Plasma Color Schemes 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Dec 20 2019
Love it! Just a heads-up, you probably meant to use #fcfcfc for the title bar text colour on this and the dark version. Also, I'd love to know more about Harriet. - Dec 28 2019

GTK3 Themes 101 comments

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Jun 29 2020
Great, thanks! Keep up the great work, you're really bringing this theme to life. :) - Dec 05 2019
Hi there, just wanted to let you know that while your latest release works fine overall, it seems that all of the GTK2 variants default to Aqua for some reason. - Dec 04 2019

Full Icon Themes 86 comments

Score 84.3%
Jul 01 2020
Beautiful icon set. Just wanted to let you know that the Delft-Dark folder is missing icons in its status folder for everything above 24px, causing bugs like a blurry volume OSD icon in environments like MATE. This can be worked around by copying the missing folders from the regular Delft folder over, but I wanted to let you know anyway. - Aug 01 2019

Full Icon Themes 19 comments

Score 60.0%
Jun 10 2019
Thanks so much for the re-upload! - Jul 23 2019
Anyone still have a copy of this sitting around? I'd love to have it. - Sep 26 2018
Win3x Enhanced

GTK3 Themes 36 comments

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Jul 12 2019
As far as I can see, Test and Test1 both seem to work perfectly. I haven't noticed any bugs yet, and the panel issue is completely fixed. Thank you!

One more thing: I noticed that you updated your other Win3x themes as well. Are you planning on merging these projects, or providing more colour themes for this one? - Jun 29 2019
Ready and willing! Whenever you get the next version up, I'm happy to test it.
- Jun 28 2019
One thing I'd like to point out is that when using the GTK3 version of the XFCE4 panel (4.13+) the panel colour seems to be tied to whatever the text view background is set to. For most of the included themes, this means being stuck with a glaring white panel. Attempting to set a custom colour for the panel in XFCE4 panel settings doesn't work out too well, as it only seems to override the area just behind the window buttons.

If this is something you could look into, that would be great. Thank you. :) - Jun 28 2019
10 the best - Jun 27 2019
This is totally awesome and I'm so glad you took the time to work on it. I was a huge fan of your previous GTK2 themes and it's amazing being able to use this on a modern distro. Thank you! :D - Jun 27 2019
CDE / Motif theme

GTK3 Themes 74 comments

Score 84.8%
May 07 2018
Thank you!!! That was the one major flaw I discovered in this them, and now it's a perfect all-arounder. I hope josvanr includes it in their next version. :) - Mar 17 2019
The themes are great! The CDE Panel runs, theme configuration works well, but I get the following error when trying to launch anything from it on Xubuntu 18.04:

gtk-launch: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: g_log_structured_standard

Any ideas? Thanks for your great work by the way. - Sep 26 2018

Aurorae Themes 8 comments

Score 74.0%
Aug 04 2018
This is awesome! Any possibility of some colour variations? - Oct 01 2018
Score 82.1%
Aug 04 2019

Full Icon Themes
by madmaxms

Score 84.3%
Aug 01 2019

GTK3 Themes
by fredbird67

Score 72.2%
Jul 25 2019
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Jun 27 2019
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Jan 08 2019
Human Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes
by umayanga

Score 78.0%
Jan 08 2019
Score 58.0%
Jan 08 2019
Ant Themes

GTK3 Themes
by eliverlara

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Oct 11 2018

Full Icon Themes
by OxayotlTheGreat

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Oct 07 2018

GTK3 Themes
by guilmour

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Oct 06 2018
Score 50.0%
Oct 06 2018
Simply Retro XFCE

by novomente

Score 70.0%
Oct 03 2018
Score 76.0%
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