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Filipe Aguiar São José da Coroa Grande, Brazil

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

The best iconset is now EVEN BETTER than before. I LOVED the new wireless icons.

Simple and clean they just fit perfecly with the rest of environment.

Thank you. And Congratulations! - Jun 30 2009

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

I know the extras folder. You did a extensive work on there.

But i realy think that the tango devices icons doesn't fit with your iconset.

I mean, your iconset has an incredible tango-look (far better than the tango itself), but it has its identity.

And i'd love to have umounted versions of the devices icons.

But, in any possible means, you have done the best work around. There's no other iconset that even compete with your.

Realy, realy, congratulations and thank you. - May 09 2009

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

First i want to congratulate you. You did a awesome work and i use your iconset as my default for a long time.

I want to know if you plan to improve the devices icons. Like adding umounted versions and making icons for other devices.

Personaly i don't like the tango icons for devices such generic usb drive. - May 02 2009
Kubuntu Metabar Theme II

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by djclue917 7 comments

I love it. It fits perfectly on my Kubuntu, the color matches and the overall of it is GREAT. Thanks for the good job and sorry for the Bad English (I'm Brazilian) - May 17 2007
Custom Glass For Domino

KDE 3 Domino Styles by Rounin 6 comments

Hmmm. i don't know what exactly is happening to you... You have imported and double cliced in the tab and doesn't work?

have you tried to change the color scheme of KDE? - Apr 24 2007

Full Icon Themes
by perfectska04

May 09 2009