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Jonas Lihnell Gí¶teborg, Sweden
Kopete Styles
Clean (Kopete Chat Style)

Kopete Styles 26 comments

by Roze
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Apr 12 2005

You might want to use the default kopete one from kde 3.5.x, as that is also clean (though not as visual nice according to me, they cut off a lot of space :/)

My wish turned true, I have contributed! (kopete in 3.5.x is based on this one :) - Mar 03 2006
install it in /usr/kde//share/apps etc.

see the contents of install.txt, that's how I install it at my comp. - Apr 01 2005
Hi, I haven't tried it on different machines, but I think you need kde 3.4.

I'll make sure it works on all dists and kopete versions later when I get the time, sorry for the inconvencience. - Mar 30 2005
No good, you're taking wrong approach.
If you want smaller fonts, set the font-size in kopete (appearance -> fonts & Colors)

if you change it there instead of in the style, all other graphics will adapt.

(of course you're free to mod it the way you want, but it's intended to auto-adjust to font-size and font-ration, in order to be scalable) - Mar 28 2005
Thanks for the comment, I'm actually working on the last fixes before I'm going to try and make it be the default.

as a default I have a very high standard though, it has to handle bidirectional text, work on all resólutions/fonts and it has to showcase and use most of the feats that's possible, and still be simple and easy to use.

that is my goal, wish me luck ^-^ - Mar 28 2005
if you import it by selecting the xsl style the 2 images for action and internal messages get lost, this is a restriction in the packaging (I don't know any way for kopete to import the data folder as well)

if you want the 2 pics for actions and internal messages, make sure you copy the files as root as described in install.txt - Mar 27 2005
I just downloaded it to be sure, and it contains:


in order to install the theme, (when using kde 3.4), as root type:

./install.txt - Mar 27 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 229 comments

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Oct 31 2019
I sure will! - Jun 26 2005
Great, I'll start looking for that list. The image menu I mean is the default one in kde3.4.

where do I send the list? (I'll send you a screenshot of the standard menu as well, so you can see how it's done with images by default) - Jun 26 2005
I don't know how "well" the code is written, but is there any chance that it could get included in kde in the same manner as the image-conversion is? and is it possible for this to, perhaps at compile-time, check for the tools, and only enable the functionality that is possible with the installed tools / selected by the user?

this is an interesting thing that is needed in kde. - Jun 26 2005
I see in the new screenshot that the menues are as I prefer them, would asking for lowercase letters be too much? (make the system identical to image-convert menues =)

I must stress also, that genre is important, at least for me. perhaps a simple implementation that copies the genrestring as a string to those formats that support it, and drops it for the rest? (or perhaps even better, a list of the mp3 genre ID's and ag with copy from id->string upon conversion?) - Jun 26 2005
Hi, I suggest you make your menu more similiar (identic?) to the convert images that already exist in kde.

that is, rightclick on any audio file, select "actions -> convert to ->" and then choose a filetype.

that's how I'd like it, a well used and common interface.

how well do this work with id3/ogg metadata? - Jun 18 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 121 comments

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Jun 15 2005
> Already done in 2.0.

> Be careful with your use of the word > *all*. Maybe radios and checkboxes
> first?
sure, one step at the time.

any release date set? as in "about that month"? =) - Jun 02 2005
Hi, I'm using this style right now and there are a few things I'd like to see improved.

consider it suggestions, no demands :)

1. smaller configuration window
2. colored outlines for all widgets (not just buttons)
3. sharper and more visible edges on radiobuttons, checkboxes and scrollbars

well, that's about it.
thanks for a really nice style, especially for the menues and colored outlines on buttons :D - Jun 01 2005
Great style!

However I miss some parts, such as changing more than just colors on sliders and scrollbars.

As it is now, I don't like the scrollbar "arrows" (those in the middle of the slider), nor do I like the transparancy of the slider button.

perhaps you could add some more options? :D

(btw, a good idea would be to have less options / tab, since my window don't fit in 1024x768, can't reach the "ok" button >_ - Apr 08 2005

Audio Apps 15 comments

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Nov 24 2004
hi, I suggest that you look at how you can convert images and do the same for audio formats. (right click one or several images -> actions -> convert to -> file type)

that would make it convenient to just do a kfind *.mp3, CTRL+A and convert the whole lot of them :D - May 31 2005
The Linux Registry Editor

System Software 13 comments

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Aug 13 2004
you forgot a small detail.
The Linux Registry (now called elektra) is just a st of rules for using plain text files, read up on the facts first, you'll love it. trust me, youll love it! :D - Apr 25 2005
this was a kcm module, and followed the kde HIG (human interface guidelines) I would be happy, and would actually start using elektra for my cd-ripping program :) - Apr 25 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 249 comments

by FJR
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Jul 13 2005
if you're gonna change the look away from using the theme the user has selected, please leave an option to use the old look as well!

I think it looked clean and nice before, now I don't even feel like using it, it won't fit in my desktop anymore :/ - Mar 28 2005
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 313 comments

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Nov 28 2004
oki, here we have a trully great idea!
if possible, implement this, it would make huge changes to how users will select their items (and it will make the selections more natural as well) - Mar 28 2005

System Software 31 comments

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Aug 03 2004
very good idea.
that would give us a centralized place to easily see all packages installed.

I suggest you break it down into categories (or folders or whatever) which lists system, system dependencies, world and world dependencies.

that way, you can more easily find what you're looking for (if uninstalling for example, the application is most assuredly in world without dependencies) - Sep 28 2004
Quanta Plus

Developers Apps 72 comments

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Jan 26 2007
I must say that the VPL, even if not able to do _all_ tasks that pure code can, still fullfills my need.

to let friends edit the content of their pages without having to understand the code and where to write what.

point at what to edit, and edit :)
(I won't be using VPL myself until there is some way for me to give the editor a syntax-ruleset so that I can specify in which order the id="" src="" and so on comes as well as amount of spaces, tabs etc.)

thanks for a really good editor!
(little cluttered default, as the rest of kde, but I'll manage :) - Aug 15 2004