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Jan 09 2010
I guess my backend is ok. The problem seems to stick in the Add / Organize Dialog. I can't select a video in there. It seems to get stuck in there. If I use the right-button-in-the-source-toolbar-method everything works fine.
btw: great piece of work. Congratulations to you.

Hans-Peter - Mar 28 2008
Hello out there

after a long while I wanted to author a DVD. What surprise - qdvdauthor looked new and nice - BUT - it wouldn't accept any input files. I did as I always did - create a mpeg2 file with avidemux_gtk - option - auto - dvd. mpeg2 files created that way always worked fine for qdvdauthor. But now, in the add file dialog the thumpnails only hold the word 'error' and when clicking them, nothing happens. I cannot find any log or error message, so I have no idea why qdvdauthor doesn't want these files any more. Any suggestions?

greeting to everyone
Hans-Peter - Feb 25 2008