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Greg ruffneck

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 599 comments

Thanks so much for this icon theme. It's absolutely top class quality! - Aug 10 2010

Icon Sub-Sets by djaany 156 comments

Dude your theme rocks..hard! Thanks a bunch. - Apr 12 2008

Cursors by nikaa 31 comments

Been using it for a year. Great Work! - Sep 30 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 192 comments

this theme is my favourite. I change it from time to time but i always go back before long. simply brilliant! - Dec 06 2005
Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

nevermind this post. I fixed it with Ctrl+Alt+backspace. - Dec 03 2005
Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

I have an issue since installing the glass icon package where if I try to change the icon theme ill get the following error message:
Failed to load image gnome-fs-network
Details: Icon not found

Now it seems that my network monitor icon (on my laptop's systray) doesn't light up anymore when sending/recieveing data.

Any sugg. on how to correct this? Thx in advance. - Dec 03 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Phytonix 16 comments

what can i say but that this is clean and sweet. On top of that I love eating rice! :) - Dec 03 2005