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Graphic Apps by asdex 9 comments

can this be used for video? or still images only? - Dec 11 2007

Video Apps by jbm 77 comments

extra info: I'm using kanotix, witch is a debian etch based distro. is this program known not to work under debian etch?

I hope not, it's a sad day when we can't get linux programs to work under linux :(. - Dec 11 2007

Video Apps by jbm 77 comments

This won't compile even after installing MLT 0.2.4 from source. ./configure doesn't seem to recognize that I have 2.4, and when I go to make, it tells me something about using unsermake instead. so I tried using cmake, and that starts it out, but it falters somewhere around 55%.

It would be really nice if you could distribute this in some way where all the user has to do is run the .sh file with no compilation necessary. This is a wonderful program, but it seems to run into a lot of dependency hell issues, if you could make it so it has everything it needs in it's own directory, even though that will increase the file size, I think that would be worth it in the end for the sake of compatibility.

on a side note, i can install 0.4 on my system, but it's terribly unstable. - Dec 11 2007