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Rulet Rulett

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May 19 2020
The problem is fixed, I just had to move the theme to /usr/share/themes/

- Feb 18 2020
This is how inkscape on Gnome 3.30.2 looks(Debian 10)
Can you fix it?
- Feb 18 2020
Ultimate Dark

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May 17 2020
I've found the sulution. Your theme works as expected(I think) in all apps if to place it in /usr/share/themes catalog. There is also solution for that issue with firefox, I've found description how to fix it here Thу quotes: " Open about:config in Firefox
Create a new String value with the right click and named it as widget.content.gtk-theme-override
Set Adwaita as the value or a GTK light theme of your choice".
- Jul 20 2019
For apps like Audacious it looks like broken(different), gnome 3.30.2 Debian 10:
And even here on this web-page in Firefox the comments fiels is dark and the text is dark:
So the theme is not usable. Default Gnome theme is better and apps look all the same and as expected, just needs some modifications.
By the way, all theme I tried from gnome-look site for gnome is broken and not usable, there was old theme that works as expected for older versions of gnome, but they are not updated.
- Jul 16 2019

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Apr 12 2020
Some apps with your theme looks like broken
It's McOS-MJV-Gn3.30-v2.0 on Gnome 3.30.2(Debian 10). How to fix it?
- Jul 15 2019
- May 14 2019
gnome and libreoffice looks like with broken theme with your theme. Its on Debian stretch(stable), Gnome 3.22.2. gtk2-engines-murrine installed
- May 14 2019
10 the best - May 14 2019

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Apr 16 2018
This theme does not support gtk2 apps.
- May 15 2018
Can you give some instructions how to customize colors of your theme(f.e. different colors for different elements)? If I understand right I have to change source code and then compile it? Can you give some instructions?
- Apr 02 2018
Vertex - Theme

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Sep 09 2017
Hello. Where in the source code I can change colors of these elements(separately)? - Apr 03 2018
McHigh Sierra

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Jan 24 2020
In dark theme the bacground color of login forms e.t. is to dark Please fix it.
- Mar 07 2018
Well, I know, I just asked in what strings is that parameters. By the way, is this theme is compiled? - Mar 05 2018
How to customize theme, I mean to set different colors for text selection, files and folders selection, backgrounds colors e.t? In which strings and files?
- Mar 05 2018
Ceti-2 - Theme

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Sep 22 2015
There is also bug with your theme(disappearing of menu) even with your default theme:
It is on Debian 8, 64 bit, Gnome 3.14.1
- Oct 03 2015
There is also bug with your theme(disappearing of menu) even with your default theme:
- Jun 25 2015
Ok, if I understand right, after editing these files I have to run script?
- Jun 02 2015
Hmm... I see in _common.scss in that lines, which you say about, only this:

// Decouple the font of context menus from their entry/textview
.context-menu {
font: initial;

.monospace {
font: Monospace;

Is that realy right place of a file?
- Jun 01 2015
- May 31 2015
Is this possible in this theme to change separately
[url=these colors][/url](text color in menu, color of selection of files, and color in menu)?

- May 31 2015
Thanks a lot! Good luck in your work.

- May 28 2015
Hey man, can you answer my question about changing colors. I don't think that it will take much time for you.
- May 25 2015
How to change blue color selection in menus to f.e. green color?
- May 10 2015
gnome-cupertino -n (now stable version)

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Jul 01 2014
Does this theme only for Unity plugin, or it works also on a normal Gnome 3?
- Oct 01 2014

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Sep 13 2017
Ok, thanks. - Apr 09 2014
Hi. I'm trying to find a link here to download your theme for Gnome 3.10.2, but there is no one. Where to download it?
- Apr 05 2014
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013
Yea, I subscribe to the same request.
While I know that it is possible to install gnome 3.6 on Debian, but I do not know whether it is stable and does it make sense to install it.

- Jan 18 2013
r@ngf:~$ iceweasel
Gtk-Message: (for origin information, set GTK_DEBUG): failed to retrieve property `GtkRange::activate-slider' of type `gboolean' from rc file value "((GString*) 0x7f5dcd7bccc0)" of type `GString'

** (iceweasel:8041): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
borders don't fit within the image

But I'm using your older version of a theme for gnome 3.4.2. Don't know how to upgrade your theme for gnome 3.4.2.

- Jan 12 2013
Is it compatible with gnome 3.4.2 and gnome-shell 3.4.2?

- Dec 03 2012
Hello trustes. There is an error on gnome 3.4.2 with a current adwaita cupertino sl theme when executing geany with sudo:

sudo geany /etc/fstab

** (geany:5199): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
borders don't fit within the image

** (geany:5199): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
- Nov 14 2012
:)) Ok, I vote for just make one, but polished, and very customizable, for gnome-shell.
- Oct 25 2012
So, I hope you will make a separate version for a standart gnome-shell(not Unity), to not mix code with each other?
- Oct 25 2012
Thank for the this work. It would be good if you give also some instructions about changing colors of different elements.
- May 13 2012
Seems like author of this theme doesn't answer. But the way, good theme.
Maybe there is a gui way of editing gtk3 themes?
- May 12 2012
Hmm... I've tried to change different colors in gtk.css but that doesn't change what I want.

- May 11 2012
So anybody knows the answer on my question?
- May 11 2012
Have a qustion. How to change the color of selected elements in the theme?
- May 10 2012
Mistaked with link
- Mar 24 2012
Yea, and progress bar is white on white backbround
How to make it darker and different color?
- Mar 24 2012
I have a question, how to change this blue color of a theme in selected menu

- Mar 24 2012

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Sep 01 2012
Mistaked -- not /usr/share/.themes but /usr/share/themes
- Jun 05 2012
I think if placing any theme in /usr/share/.themes it's need to see what permissions for theme's folder and also files inside it, that they to be the same permissions as others themes.
- Jun 05 2012
:) That is simple. I wonder why trustes doesn't know this. That's because synaptic executes by root user which doesn't has usual user theme configuration. You have to make a link for ~./themes(if you puted custom theme in that directory) for root user:

sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root

- Jun 04 2012

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May 05 2014
- May 13 2012
By the way, have you found the way to increase text font under these icons in gnome-shell?

What do you mean by messaging system of this site -- to make subscription on this topic?
- May 13 2012
I see. If you don't mind, I'll ask you some questions about some interface elements later.
- May 13 2012
Also want to know where to change color of a text selection and background colors of these elements of applications windows
- May 13 2012
Thank's man. First time I see some detailed instructions about customizing gtk3 theme.

Do I have to be in the /GnomishGray_source folder or in some subfolder when compiling theme by executing command glib-compile-resources gtk?
- May 13 2012
Ok. How to change colors and gradients of these selected elements -- menu and progress bar
- May 13 2012
Hane some questions. What is the difference between source and theme? If I understand right if I unpack source to ~./themes it will work the same as theme in package(or how do you call it)?
- May 13 2012
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Feb 08 2013

GTK3 Themes
by paulxfce

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