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Ivan Sokolovskiy , Russian Federation

Openbox Themes by Xentalion 4 comments

Thank you very much for creating it, I think this theme is really great and I like it so much. But, unfortunately, i've found some strange bug in it. If the window is maximized, the "max" button looks weird: it seems that the hover image does not load, and some artefacts on top and top right corner of this button appear. I've looked the themerc and files, but I have no idea, why does this happen. - Mar 19 2009
Graveo's manuscript font

Fonts by graveo 3 comments

may be you'll add the "ё" letter?.. - Jul 15 2008
Dark Ice Emerald

Compiz Themes by sabrebutt 18 comments

Very nice theme, but, could you possibly say or give a link to the wallpaper you have used? it's very stylish :) - Dec 11 2007