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Apr 16 2014
The strange thing is that I haven't done anything recently to the file dialogs (besides adding kde support).
- Apr 27 2007
Yes, the playlist inside the main window has some problems (specially when resizing).

With Qt 3 is even worse as the scrollbar doesn't show and you can only see a small part of the list.

That's why this option is not activated by default. I'll try to fix these problems but until then I think it's better to have the playlist in a different window.
- Apr 27 2007
For the file dialogs I'm calling static functions, maybe that's the problem (it's the only difference with the others)

But... what dialogs are you using? Qt or KDE?

- Apr 27 2007
KMPlayer or KPlayer?

Anyway it's possible to have the playlist inside the main window.

Edit the config.h and set to 1 the option DOCK_PLAYLIST and recompile.
And tell me what you think. - Apr 26 2007
It wasn't intended to move to the next vcd title.

But now (version 0.3.42) it will, because now the titles (of vcds and dvds) are added to the playlist.
- Apr 26 2007
BTW, I've just read the link you put before ( and according to that, it seems that most vcds really start at title 2.

I'll try to implement support for audio cds soon.

Ah, in the future all titles in dvds, vcds and audio cds will be automatically added to the playlist when the first title starts to play. - Apr 26 2007
Does this only happen with file dialogs?
Does the preferences dialog, for instance, show in the correct screen? - Apr 26 2007
If you select another video output driver (x11, gl, gl2), does it happen too?
- Apr 26 2007
just one thing, can we have the option to configure shortcut keys for the keyboard ?

Soon. - Apr 26 2007
VCD support has been implemented in version 0.3.41.

I really need the people to test it, because I'm not sure I've done things right.

From changelog:

* Started the VCD stuff. Now you can play VCD's. But... to implement this feature I used a VCD created by k3b with 2 videoclips. mplayer reports that there are 3 titles in the disc. The first one can't be played (maybe it has control info or something), but that makes that smplayer doesn't get the info about available titles. To "fix" it smplayer will start to play all VCDs from title 2 (instead of 1) but of course I'm not sure if it is safe to assume that all discs (in mplayer) start at title 2. So if you have a lot of VCDs, please test.

- Apr 26 2007
Does it happens to you always?

When compiled with Qt 4, I've seen sometimes more or less what you explain, the place where the menu was now it's black. But it hasn't happened to me in fullscreen yet but after selecting an option in the menus or just simply browsing on them.

One thing that it really happens to me quite often is that the whole video window gets black after closing the preferences dialog.

Has someone else experienced this problem?

This only happens with Qt 4, with Qt 3 everything is ok. The strange thing is that on Windows (compiled with Qt 4) this problem doesn't happen either.
- Apr 25 2007
Well, then that's a mistery. Moving the subtitles should work with mplayer 1.0rc1.

Although I've seen that idx/sub (and I suppose dvd subtitles) can't be moved. - Apr 25 2007
DVD menus are not supported yet. mplayer does support it if compiled with dvdnav. But I don't know if it's quite usable yet. I test it recently but it didn't work well for me. But maybe that was because I used and old dvdnav library (I used the one from SuSE 9.2).

Adding support for dvdnav I think it wouldn't be difficult. It would be just to open dvdnav:// and that's all. Title, chapters, audio tracks... everything would then controlled by the dvd menus.

The only problem that I see is how to pass the key and mouse events to mplayer.

*.txt subtitles, I don't have any in that format, so I couldn't test it.

Subtitles can't move if you're using the SSA/ASS library. If this is not your case, then maybe you have an old version of mplayer. - Apr 25 2007

I know that probably the right thing would be to use a svn or similar. But first I have no experience with svn, and second I feel people is reluctant to download versions from svn. For instance, I have never done (with the exception of mplayer, and just because they provide a tar.bz2 ready to compile).

Yes, I could release once a week, I could keep new things and bug fixes in my hard drive for a week, but what for? I prefer to upload it and the people who want can test it. That allows me to catch bugs or problems really soon (like yesterday's Makefile problem).

I'd rather prefer that people use my forum (, it's a real forum so it has some advantages: posts can be edited, conversations are easier to follow... but if people prefer to send comments here, what can I do?

I really thank all people their comments and suggestions. Some of the suggestions have been really good, things that I have never thought about. I found all comments that people have sent here very valuable. And I don't want to lose that.

What I can do is to announce new releases here less often, once a week or so. People interested in testing daily packages can check my forum or the download page ( - Apr 25 2007
I don't know. All open dialogs are created with "this" as a parent, so I think they should display just above the parent window.
But I don't really know how multi-screen works.

Do you have the same problem with other applications or only with smplayer?
- Apr 24 2007
The embedded icons don't show in smplayer because KApplication changes the default QMimeSourceFactory... I think I've just fix it.

Anyway the other icon themes, which are loaded from disc, should work.

- Apr 24 2007
I've seen that the command kde-config --expandvars --install lib gives the lib path, but I can't find any option to get the include path :-O

This is gonna make things harder...

- Apr 24 2007
Well, now smplayer should be able to compile with kde support. That way it will use the kde dialogs.

Please test if it works.

You only have to type:


The makefile will find out the kde paths by its own, as it uses "kde-config --prefix" to know it.

Ah, don't try to compile with Qt 4. I suppose it would be impossible to mix Qt 4 with KDE 3.

BTW, I've just realized that with kde support you can't pass a file to open from command line... it gives an error :(

I'll try to fix it tomorrow.
- Apr 23 2007
I think mplayer uses libdvdcss too. Can't you play protected dvds with mplayer?
- Apr 23 2007
Well, I don't have any mp4 videos with embedded subtitles. I'll try to find any. - Apr 20 2007
Ah, I haven't test it, but maybe Open->URL and then type vcd://1 might work.
- Apr 20 2007
1) VCD: yes, it's in my TODO list for a long time. I'll try to add support for it (along for audio CDs) very soon.

2) I think it can be done. I'll try to do it too.
- Apr 20 2007
Does anyone else have this problem?

It seems to be the same problem that was reported with the old control widget, it appeared just above where the kde taskbar should be.

But it doesn't happen to me (kde 3.3.0). I also tested it on windows and works well.

I tried anyway to fix it by changing the widget flags, and with Qt 3 it seems it to work but not with Qt 4. I have experienced crashes and even hangs. So I finally disabled the code.

Does anyone has tested if this problem also happens in other window managers?

Could this be in fact a kde bug?
- Apr 19 2007
Yes, I want to add options to hide the toolbars.

About the Play/Pause button, the thing is that the current Pause button also acts as "Frame step" button when the video is paused.
- Apr 19 2007
In this version comes again the "control widget over video" feature.

This time the control widget is a toolbar and so I didn't have to use the widget flags.

It works for me (using kde 3.3.0) although when the control widget hides the kde taskbar is seen for a moment.

Please report if it works for you.

I tried to use the kde open dialog, but with no success. When the open dialog is about to show the application crashes. I don't know, maybe I have to use a KApplication too instead of QApplication, I tried to do it but there are compilation problems.

If anyone want to test it (and try to fix the problems)...

Edit the file and look for these lines:


#INCLUDEPATH += /opt/kde3/include/
#LIBS += -lkio -lkdecore -L/opt/kde3/lib/

Uncomment them (remove the "#"), change the kde paths, and recompile.
Now you'll probably have to fix the problems in main.cpp.

If you're successful the kde open dialog should appear in Open->File (in other places the Qt dialog will still be used).

- Apr 18 2007
Be carefully, version 0.3.28 seems to crash with Qt 4 (at least with 4.2.3), when resizing the main window.

- Apr 18 2007
I'll try to do it.
- Apr 18 2007
There's been several days without public releases (since saturday I think).

I've made a lot of internal changes to the GUI stuff. Now I have used QActions for most things in menus. This change took me a lot of time (until monday night), it was a boring and tedious task. But I think it had to be done. A QAction can easily be added to a toolbar, for instance.

I have also split the gui into two classes, one has all functionality but almost none visible items (only the menus), and the other contains the buttons, toolbars, the status bar...

I made this to allow in the future to other people to write alternative GUIs (main windows), with the buttons and widgets they like, in the position they like... and the user will be able to choose among all available.

The GUI in version 0.3.27 has been written in a few hours and it's not finished yet.


I know that probably you're not going to like it, specially those two toolbars at the bottom. At first it was only one, and it looks good but when playing small videos the time slider was almost invisible, so I had to split it in two.
Suggestions about the design are welcome.
- Apr 17 2007
Could you send me (or paste here) the mplayer log after trying to watch one of the videos with that audio problem?

Options->View logs->mplayer
- Apr 16 2007
That's strange because smplayer doesn't force the use of a different codec (unless set in "Options->Advanced media settings"). It should use the same as mplayer.

Maybe the mplayer log could help.
- Apr 15 2007
Ok. I can't try to fix this problem right now, because I'm rewriting and reorganizing the gui stuff (and right now the controlwidget doesn't even exist).

But you can try to "play" with the Qt flags yourself.

Edit file gui.cpp and go to line 1622:

controlwidget->reparent(0, Qt::WType_TopLevel |
Qt::WStyle_Customize |
Qt::WStyle_NoBorder |
QPoint(0,0), FALSE);

You can for instance add Qt::WX11BypassWM to the flags, or remove the Qt::WStyle_StaysOnTop. Or you can change the first 0 with this. The list of widget flags: You can try different combinations.

Anyway, I'll probably put the controlwidget inside a toolbar, and Qt toolbars can float, so I hope that could fix the problem (I don't think the kde taskbar appears just because of a toolbar).
- Apr 15 2007
Qt 3 or Qt 4?
- Apr 14 2007
As a lot of people has asked that the control widget shouldn't move the video in fullscreen, I finally tried to do it.

In version 0.3.19 there's a compilation option that activates some new code. The option is not set by default because it doesn't work well with Qt 3 (the kde taskbar appears at the same time...)

But after compiling with Qt 4 I realized that it works perfectly!

So if you use Qt 4, edit the config.h file in the src/ directory and change:

and test it.

There's still a problem: when you're over the control widget the key shortcuts don't work.

And if someone knows how to fix the problem with Qt 3... tell me.
- Apr 13 2007
I would like to add an audio equalizer but I'm afraid it would be very difficult (for me).

For video equalizer, mplayer has several slave commands, that allows to change contrast, brightness and so on at runtime.
But I think there's nothing similar for audio (the slave commands:

Looking at the mplayer manual, there's available an audio equalizer as a filter. But any minimum change would require to stop the mplayer process and start it again with the new values. I think this is unacceptable for an audio equalizer and I would probably get a lot of complains if I implemented that way.

Another way to do it, I guess, would be to directy modify the audio output in the mixer or something. I don't know how to do that, but one thing for sure is that it can't be done with Qt, it has to be done natively on every OS.

If I'm wrong or anyone has a hint about how to implement this, I'm hearing. - Apr 13 2007

I've been testing the codes in that post.

There's one for Qt 3 which works fine, but unfortunately compilation fails with Qt 4, and I wasn't able to adapt it for Qt 4 (I don't find the Qt 4 equivalent of QSlider::sliderRect() ).

There's another code for Qt 4 but it doesn't work well.

So I left the code for Qt 3, which won't be compiled with Qt 4.
- Apr 12 2007

I hope this time I did it right.

- Apr 12 2007
BTW, compiled with Qt 3.3.

I can upload a binary compiled with Qt 4, if you prefer.

- Apr 11 2007
I'll try to make something better in the future.

Right now it's not easy to "fix".
- Apr 08 2007
This version only has two main changes:
now you can change the language of the application at runtime and the possibility of changing too the icon set.

But these two features have required a lot of internal changes. So please test it and report if something doesn't work as it should.

About icon sets, I've just write this document, explaining how it works and how you can create your own icon set:

- Apr 08 2007
BTW, I changed my mind and very soon smplayer will have support for customizable icon sets. - Apr 08 2007
Maybe that delay is because smplayer have to wait until the mplayer process finishes. It waits for a maximum of 10 seconds, after that smplayer kills it.

Maybe that waiting time is too much, but I thought that would only happen in very rarely occasions. - Apr 08 2007
It's not a bug but a feature ;-)

The image resizes (or moves) so the control widget never covers it.

I know that probably a lot of people won't like this, and would prefer a control that simply appears over the image.
But this way was the easiest way to implement it.

I'll try to change it in the future, if this is what most people like.
- Apr 06 2007
Yes, I have already noticed that (when using Qt-4) sometimes the mouse cursor doesn't appear when it's moved, until you take it out of the video window.

This seems to happen too when using Qt-3 but less often.

I'll try to fix it. - Apr 06 2007
Difficult to say without testing those subtitles, but the right way to load idx+sub subtitles in smplayer is by choosing the idx file in Subtitles->Load (not the sub file).

- Apr 06 2007
Ok, I see now.

I didn't know that gl worked that way (I have 3D acceleration disabled, so gl is really really slow, I've never played a video on fullscreen using gl).

You can get the same in smplayer by checking the option "Run mplayer in its own window" in Preferences->Advanced.

I'm afraid this is the only way to get that behaviour without adding black borders.
- Apr 06 2007
This is strange.

In first place, in smplayer xv, gl, or whatever, should not display black borders at all. All drivers should display the same image.

The only way is Video->Aspect ratio->4:3 letterbox (or 16:9 letterbox). That adds blackborders.

Maybe you have something in your ~/.mplayer/config that adds blackborders when using gl in mplayer?
- Apr 06 2007