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Apr 16 2014
Video->Aspect ratio->4:3 letterbox

doesn't it work for you?
- Apr 05 2007
i change video out to gl but smplayer play movies in xv...

Strange. Could you paste the mplayer log?

ow and ..smplayer can auto turn on ass/ssa subtitles but only if ass/ssa subtitles are in movie?

Well, I think maybe it's possible.
- Apr 04 2007
My e-mail with my response to your request has been rejected...

Please read this: - Apr 04 2007

But it doesn't work for me:

/bin/smplayer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

- Apr 03 2007
No, all the icons are embeded in the executable, so it's not possible to change them.

- Apr 03 2007
Hmm, I just compiled version 0.3.5 and now the preferences dialog is too big.

Fixed (I think) in 0.3.6. I've moved the mouse config to a new tab.
- Apr 03 2007
smplayer doesn't read the mplayer config file. mplayer does.

I don't know if it's possible to tell mplayer not to read its config file (any option for that?).

What I've done (0.3.6) is to add the option -nofs to prevent mplayer to start in fullscreen mode. - Apr 03 2007
I'll try.
- Apr 02 2007
Saving video equalizer defaults has not been implemented yet.

Be patience. It's not so easy as it seems. - Apr 02 2007
Something like that, I've been thinking: one button to reset to 0 all controls, and another one to set the current settings as the default ones.
- Apr 01 2007
This is the way it works. The GUI doesn't show the filename in the title bar until the file has begun to play.

- Mar 31 2007
Is there a way to make SMPlayer close by hitting the ESC key like MPlayer does?

It's possible, but editing the configuration file.

Look for these lines:

And change to:

And is there a way to make SMPlayer automatically close after playing a movie when it has been started from by clicking on a movie file?

Not, yet.

Anyway, if you are going to watch several videos, there are better ways. smplayer can be configured to use only one instance. If you try to open a new video by clicking on it, the video will be played in the already running instance. No need to close, open, close, open...

You can also use a playlist. You can even drag the videos to the playlist.
- Mar 29 2007
Ok, I will add the uninstall to the Makefile very soon (probably tomorrow). - Mar 29 2007
And subtitles can be moved with the keys "R" and "T".

It's not possible to move it with the mouse, as smplayer doesn't know where they are.
- Mar 28 2007
It's possible that subtitles appear on the black borders.

Video->Aspect ratio and select 4:3 letterbox. That would add a black border to fit a 4:3 window, and subtitles will appear there.

16:9 letterbox is the same, but intended for people with wide screens for watching 2.35:1 movies, with subtitles on the black borders. - Mar 28 2007
In the near future, no. Sorry.
- Mar 27 2007
Done in 0.2.43.
Could you please test if it is really fixed? - Mar 27 2007
If autodetect doesn't set the correct aspect ratio, it's a bug.

But I need to see at least the mplayer log after playing one of these files. Options->View Logs->mplayer.

If the log is too big, you can send it to rvm3000 at ya dot com - Mar 27 2007
qmake has to be run from the src/ directory.

Anyway the easiest is just to type make and the Makefile will do it for you.
- Mar 26 2007
Modified the Makefile in 0.2.41.

Now make prep will adapt the source code for Qt 4. And make should compile it.

You may need to change the variable QMAKE in the Makefile. If your qmake for Qt 4 is qmake-qt4, set to that.

All of these can be made on a spec file. For instance (not tested):

make prep
make QMAKE=qmake-qt4 PREFIX=/usr/

- Mar 25 2007
Mmm, I just saw that in my Makefile it says:

cd src && qmake && $(DEFS) make

But ZdadrDeM has mentioned qmake-qt4. So I suppose that qmake is the Qt3 qmake...

I'll try to fix it (using a variable QMAKE or something in the Makefile). Meanwhile replace qmake with qmake-qt4 and tell if it works.
- Mar 25 2007
This work for me:

cd src/ && yes a | qt3to4 && qmake
cd ..
- Mar 25 2007
smplayer looks for translation files where TRANSLATION_PATH (in Makefile) points to.

But you must compile smplayer from the sources root, not from src/

If you compile it from src/ then the Makefile variables are not passed. - Mar 25 2007
smplayer should load a subtitle file even if the option "Remember settings" is unchecked. Otherwise it's a bug.

Be sure that the option "Automatically select first available subtitle" (in the subtitles tab) is checked. - Mar 24 2007
About the new single instance feature

Now it seems that in version 0.2.36 it works too with Qt 4. But the problem is not completely fixed. I don't know why, but if the client sends an empty line the server doesn't get anything more after that.

This option is disabled by default so don't forget to go to preferences and activate (it's in the Misc tab).

And test it! Probably there are some bugs out there.

In this version when the 1st instance receives the file to open, it will try to raise the window. But in my KDE I had to change some option in the control center for this to work.

Some bad things that can happen:

* if the port is already used by another application, smplayer may hang on startup (it's not really hung, but the window is not visible). This happens if the server doesn't respond anything to what smplayer says.

* filenames with non latin1 characters. I haven't tested if the filename is properly passed to the first instance in this case.
- Mar 21 2007
I've just try to compile the Qt 4 dbus-viewer example, but it gives me an error:

/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i586-suse-linux/3.3.4/../../../../i586-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lQtDBus
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

It seems the QtDBus library didn't get compiled...

Anyway, reading the docs it seems that QtDBus is only available for Unix platforms, so I'll have to look for another way.
- Mar 19 2007
Thanks for you comments and suggestions.

> - The 10 sec, 1 min and 10 min settings could be configurable. What if I wanted 5 seconds instead?

Yes, this will be configurable. No problem, it's easy.

But just one thing: small jumps (one second or so) may not be possible with a lot of videos. mplayer has always to start from a key frame. In mpeg-4 (divx, xvid...) it's normal that key frames don't appear for some seconds (10 seconds or so). On the other hand mpeg-2 has key frames much more often.

> - The shortcuts should be possible to change, as we're used to in Linux. See ex kaffeine.

From today's release it's possible to change shortcuts modifying the config file. Of course in the future there'll be a dialog to do so easily.

> - The progress bar should function so that when clicking on it (to change position) you jump to the place you click on - not move the slider a certain amount. I really don't understand why so many video apps do this in Linux.

I think this is the normal behavior of the qt slider. I'll see if it's possible to change it.

> -Saving the current position of all files is neat and I like it a lot - but also confusing. An option to turn on/off this feature is needed as this is really not a common thing for video players.

This is implemented from a lot of time ago: Preferences->General-> Don't remember time position. - Mar 19 2007
It's not necessary to switch to X11 to take screenshots. The option Video->screenshot works with xv too.

You need to switch to x11 if you want to take screenshots (with an external application) of smplayer (window, widgets... included) while playing a video. Otherwise instead of the video you'll get a blue background. - Mar 19 2007
You can change the initial volume that smplayer will use for new videos.

Edit the config file, and change the option initial_volume (by default 40).

The config file is

$HOME/.qt/smplayerrc (qt3)
$HOME/.config/RVM/smplayer.ini (qt4)

- Mar 19 2007
Yes I know, I know. That's is something I want to fix.

The problem is that I don't know how to do it with Qt only (I miss something like KUniqueApplication, and no, I don't want to use kde stuff, the same problem will remain in Windows).

There's not only to check for an already running instance, that could be done with a lock file, the real problem is how to communicate with the first instance to tell it the file the user want to open.

Any hint will be welcome.
- Mar 19 2007
Does the -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT option appears in the compiler command?
- Mar 18 2007
It will be fixed in 0.2.31.
- Mar 18 2007
Thanks for the links (I searched in freshmeat but I couldn't find anything). I'll take a look.

If you check the option "Run mplayer in its own window" in Preferences->Advanced probably your remote control works, as in this mode mplayer runs without limitations.
- Mar 17 2007
Forget about it. I've just found out: QWidget::setAttribute(Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen).

So the problem will be definitely fixed in 0.2.30. - Mar 17 2007
It seems that the problem goes away if double buffering is disabled. In version 0.2.29 that's what I've done.

But now the problem is that some widgets are not displayed properly. This can be seen opening the preferences dialog while playing a video.

When the video is stopped, smplayer enables double buffering again, and the widgets are displayed ok.

Question for Qt 4 experts: how can I disable double buffering in a widget only, not globally?
- Mar 17 2007
I've just downloaded Qt 4 for linux and compiled smplayer with it.

Yes, it happens to me too. It's really annoying. It sounds to me as if the widget where mplayer displays the image were repainted everytime a menu is opened.

I'll try to fix it.
- Mar 17 2007
The problem is that I don't have a remote control, so it would hard to implement it as I couldn't test it.

Unless... is there any application (or maybe a tool provided by lirc) which emulates a remote control anyhow?
- Mar 17 2007
What you describe happens to me but in Windows, when using directx:noaccel or gl/gl2 as video output. And yes it's annoying.

But this doesn't happen to me in linux at all. Maybe it has something to do with your xfree (or xorg) configuration, or video card or drivers.

Anyway try selecting another video output driver in Options->Preferences->General. - Mar 17 2007
Qt must have been compiled with QThread support.
- Mar 17 2007
I think I've just fixed it (will be in 0.2.28) - Mar 17 2007
I've just fed smplayer with your output (configuring it to call a script that "cats" your output, instead of calling the real mplayer) and it seems that smplayer properly parses the output and sends to mplayer the correct commands.

The strange thing is the title #2 seems to be empty (less than a second length) but it has 19 chapters!

It seems that the real content starts as of title #3. If you select it, does it play properly?

If you play all titles directly in mplayer (mplayer -dvd-device /dev/hdc -chapter 1 dvd://1 and so on), does it display the same as in smplayer? Is there any difference?
If there is, then maybe some of the other arguments that smplayer passes to mplayer is confusing it.
- Mar 16 2007
KPlayer is really a good front-end for mplayer. But (I have version 0.5.3 installed) for instance I missed options to configure subtitles (size, font, color...)

From time to time I looked for new versions, but there's always the same: 0.5.3. I've got the feeling that was quite abandoned. I'm glad this is not the case. But from version 0.5.3 to 0.6 there's been 2 years.

Anyway I think the objectives of KPlayer and SMPlayer are quite different. KPlayer is a KDE application for linux. SMPlayer is a multi-platform application. One of the main objectives of SMPlayer is to provide a good front-end for Windows.
- Mar 16 2007
Yes, all of these is planned.

Defined key shortcuts is half developed, but I got stuck with some technical problem.
- Mar 16 2007
The DVD support is not much test it. I only have a few discs. I have also been reported that angle selection doesn't work either. Difficult to fix as I don't have any multi-angle dvd...

smplayer starts playing the first title of the dvd. It assumes the first title is #1, but maybe that's wrong.

It would be very useful to me if you paste the whole mplayer log, that way I could see the title and chapter information it prints at the beginning.
- Mar 16 2007
Options->Preferences->General. In the audio combobox you may select alsa. If alsa doesn't appear there, then maybe your version of mplayer has been compiled without alsa support.

Do you mean that the DVD starts to play but just after that it stops?
Look at the mplayer log (Options->View log->mplayer). Maybe you can find there an error message. - Mar 15 2007
It shouldn't do this. If it does, it's a bug.

Could you provide more info? resolution of the video, format (avi, mkv, mpeg...), format of the subtitles (srt, sub...), the option you have marked in Video->Aspect ratio... - Mar 15 2007
To compile with Qt 4 you first need to run the command qt3to4 in the src/ directory.

Otherwise you'll get that error. - Mar 15 2007
About the volume: the volume is completely handled by mplayer. SMPlayer just pass the desired volume to mplayer, which actually sets it.

Anyway mplayer has an option to change the output channel: -mixer-channel

You may add the option -mixer-channel Master in Preferences->Advanced->Options, if you prefer to use the master channel instead of PCM.

About the fullscreen mode: yes, it's planned to display a control widget when the user moves the mouse to the bottom area. It hasn't been done yet because... well there are a lot of things to do ;) and because I haven't been successful yet displaying widgets above the fullscreen window (I tried to do it with the video equalizer).
- Mar 13 2007
Yes, I hadn't realized of this problem because on Windows (where I use Qt 4) this line is not compiled (it's in a #ifdef block which is compiled on Linux only).

Quick fix: edit the file preferencesdialog.cpp and comment or delete the line 170:

priority_spacer->changeSize(0,0); - Mar 13 2007