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Sacha Refshauge
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Arcade by glad 12 comments

Well it seems that the 'runtime' variable is dependent on the QMLViewer.

It is definitely not included in the default QMLViewer 'wrapper' for QML files in Qt-Creator.

Although, by adding QtMobility and a few lines of code I was able to replicate the 'runtime' variable. This is all outside of your QML project.

It should work fine then. - Nov 25 2010
QML Sokoban

Arcade by glad 12 comments

The orientation still isn't working :\.
It still complains that there is no such variable as runtime.orientation.

Also, the "Press a key.." text doesn't fit in the screen in Portrait (first and last letters).

By the way, the buttons on the bottom seem to mess up sometimes. They will stop working and if I click them too fast I seem to get a weird result that looks like two maps in one. - Nov 21 2010
QML Sokoban

Arcade by glad 12 comments

I think I might know your problem for orientation.
For this line:
"state: (runtime.orientation == Orientation.Landscape"
It complains 'Can't find variable: runtime'

I have compiled a SIS that locks Landscape orientation. Should work on all Symbian devices that support Qt (S60v3, S60v5 and Symbian^3). Tested on 5800 and N8. - Nov 15 2010
QML Sokoban

Arcade by glad 12 comments

I can move the man by touching where I want him to move now!
That works fine.

The rotating still has an issue. It doesn't animate and the text and map doesn't fit in to the screen (360 pixels wide).
I think it's best to just lockLandscape in the QML Viewer as the screen is quite narrow. That works fine.

By the way, I made a little modification to the start screen.
id: startInputHandler
I changed the Item to a MouseArea and then, to prevent issues while playing, I set visible: screen.state != "playing" (might need to change this for levelwon too) and onClicked: Game.startNewGame()

I changed the Text to "Touch screen to start" but of course that's just for phone. - Nov 15 2010
QML Sokoban

Arcade by glad 12 comments

Oh nevermind about the Portrait/Landscape thing. Easily fixed by setting viewer.setOrientation(QmlApplicationViewer::LockLandscape);
before compile time in the QML viewer. - Nov 13 2010
QML Sokoban

Arcade by glad 12 comments

I just tested this game out on my phone.
In portrait mode everything appears fine but the map is small because screen is narrow.
If I rotate in to landscape mode, I can only see the top of the map (in bottom corner of the screen). So there is an issue with rotation.

However, if I start the game in landscape mode, everything looks BEAUTIFUL!
I have provided a picture:

Of course my phone has no keyboard, so I can't control the man. This would be solved by using a N97 or E7. But everything else works fine.

Good work.

Thanks - Nov 12 2010

Shoot em up by Taiko 7 comments

I'm going to wait until OpenGL is supported on Qt for Symbian.

By the way, to get your program working for Qt4.7 you need to change .dateTime to .timestamp and that's about it. It compiled and worked for Symbian then but only with keyboard keys. - May 14 2010

Shoot em up by Taiko 7 comments

Hey I have ported this application to S60v5 (Touch + Accelerometer).

Thanks - May 14 2010

Browser by alnitak 41 comments

Hey I was just thinking this would be a great app for mobile devices. Have you thought of porting this to S60v5 / S60^3 / Maemo?

Thanks - May 07 2010
SIR - Simple Image Resizer

Graphic Apps by sachetto 50 comments

Can I suggest a cleanup of your interface?
* Convert All / Convert Selected should just become Convert. A select all button (or availability in right click menu) should be present as well as the normal shift and control keys to select multiple objects.
* Remove All and Remove Selected should be changed to just Remove or Remove File for the same reason as above.
* Maintain Aspect Ratio should be underneath width and height.
* Add Dir should be removed and you should have the ability to add a directory by using the Add File box. All other programs seem to have this, is there something in QT4 that makes this impossible?

Just these simple steps will provide a much cleaner interface and make it much easier to use without losing any features.

Thanks! - Jun 02 2007
QML Sokoban

by glad

9   Nov 12 2010