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Tobias Karlsson Hunnebostrand, Sweden

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Anarchico 1 comment

hehe, this one is realy nice.! =) - Feb 24 2006
Stylebuntu White

GDM Themes by saib0t 2 comments

thanks for your comment. ;)
glad that you like it.! - Jan 08 2006
Stylebuntu Sky

GDM Themes by saib0t 4 comments

It's to bad that you think of windows when you se a pieace of beutiful nature. ;)
But yes, I must agre with you, it's feels a bit windows and thats to bad.
It's to bad that it is that way, that ppl see win when they look at the nature. - Jan 08 2006
Stylebuntu Blue

GDM Themes by saib0t 3 comments

yes, thank you so much for creating this wallpaper.
When I saw it I thought, w0w, that should be a nice loginscreen.! ;) - Jan 07 2006
Be Right Back

GDM Themes by ugorox 3 comments

Realy awsome.!
Great work.! - Jan 07 2006
ubuntu blue

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Arcueid 1 comment

nice one.! - Jan 07 2006

GTK2 Themes by Remenic 251 comments

This is by far the best theme for Gnome.!
Together with garGANTuan icons my desktop realy rocks.
Absolutley amazing.! ;) - Jan 04 2006
Bumpy Human - Blue

GDM Themes by Greeface 1 comment

clean and stylish. - Jan 04 2006
GDM Debian Theme

GDM Themes by OnkelchenTobi 2 comments

nice one, to bad i'm running ubuntu.! ;) - Jan 03 2006
Tux C12 Ubuntu

GDM Themes by Centauro12 9 comments

Absolutley amazing.
Great work!!! - Jan 03 2006