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Dinesh Manajipet , India

System Sounds by saidinesh5 12 comments

Hi .. am extremely sorry for the delayed reply.. got really busy with some work.

I m on Kubuntu and manually set the sounds through the system settings.

Last i checked, this was in ubuntu's gsoc ideas page: "The ability to allowing the user to have custom sounds was removed in karmic. GNOME sound themes are a good idea, but are badly implemented/documented and a lack of utilities do not allow users to simply create a sound theme."

Unfortunately this project didnt get a gsoc slot this year. I hope someone is working on it.

btw. May be this tool can help you:

At the time of making, i wasn't aware of such specification. I simply used other sound themes as a template and made this one, but thanks for pointing it out.
I m putting together the next version of fLight with some minor changes(hope to get it out really soon), I promise to stick to the specifications this time so that all sounds will work by default :) - Jul 16 2010

System Sounds by saidinesh5 12 comments


Thanks for the compliment :)
and yes, the delete and device connect sounds play on my ubuntu 10.04. May be there was a problem with your downloaded file. The total size of the zip file is around 410KB. - Jul 07 2010

System Sounds by saidinesh5 12 comments

firstly thank you for your honest and critical opinions:

-- I don't like the delete sound. I think it's too aggressive, and there's no light or dark idea in it

hmm... i really couldnt use any notes to signify delete. however, will definitely look into the issue.

> The "disconnect" sound doesn't sounds like a "disconnect" sound as we're used to.

yes,at first even i added a "going down" type of sound for disconnect, but later purposefully changed it to something that says : "the device you ve disconnected is ready to use :)" (yes the smiley is part of the sound)

-- In general your sounds are too long.
For example the "success" is reaaaally long, whereas it has to be fast and easy to understand.

yes, i admit..right now "success" and error" are the 2 sounds,which feel really long because of the lot of echo i ve put in... i actually wanted make a "success" and "error" in 2-3 notes, but couldnt YET make the appropriate short sounds with the feel i wanted it to have. hence i added "beep" and "notify", as a temporary replacement.

>Your sounds don't have to be so long that they take the user's attention.
ya, "success" and "error" will be taken care of :)

>But as I said earlier, it's a really good set.
thank you again :) - Mar 23 2010

System Sounds by saidinesh5 12 comments

Thanks guys... - Mar 22 2010

System Sounds by saidinesh5 12 comments

thanks guys :)

1)fixing the length of the sounds
2)adding some stereo effects

are top on my todo list...

also, please suggest more system events which you feel are needed to be there this list...

- Mar 16 2010