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Robert Riemann Berlin, Germany
Amarok 1.x Scripts
Google Music for Amarok

Amarok 2.x Scripts 43 comments

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Jan 11 2017
I tried it with another computer and here it works. curl was installed. - Oct 22 2013

this is a really nice idea! I got the Google All Access offer and already added some music to "my music".

Unfortunately I face a bug:

Script error reported by: Google Music for Amarok TypeError: Result of expression '' [undefined] is not an object.

Does it still work for you? Maybe it's an API change. - Oct 20 2013

TV & Streaming 29 comments

by zanoi
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Nov 26 2010
Why don't you use phonon for displaying videos? Streaming would be possible, too. - Jul 06 2010 KDE4 Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes 7 comments

by mdb
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Aug 06 2009
Thanks. ;) - Aug 06 2009
See the discussion here: (there is also a screenshot showing the problem)

With the positive text color of this theme the text with white background is not readable.
Hope you can fix this by changing the text positive color to something deeper.

Nevertheless I like your theme...

Greets saLOUt - Jul 17 2009

Science 25 comments

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Aug 11 2015
I would also like to see this app ported to qt4.

Consider, that this would allow a port to windows. (afaik) - Jul 25 2009
Run Command

Plasma 4 Extensions 145 comments

by Emdek
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Feb 04 2012
I have the commandrunner plasmoid installed under openSuse 11.1 in the taskbar. When I type in "shortcut: keywords", Konqueror will open twice with the requested page.

With Alt+F2 everything works fine...

Keep on working! Great Plasmoid

Greets Saloutions - Dec 29 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts 2 comments

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Dec 17 2008

cool thing ;)

Maybe we can work together to get our derivates working with amarok 2.0.

Unfortunately I have no idea how QtScript or d-bus has to be used...

Greets Robert Riemann - Dec 16 2008
G15 Amarok Plugin Lyrics

Amarok 1.x Scripts 5 comments

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Aug 24 2008
Result after longtime-testing:

The PlugIn seems to be more stable as expected. I do NOT register any crashes for the last month.

saLOUt - Oct 04 2008
I use, because it provides the songtext in .lrc format (see )

I dont know. Does lyricwiki provide time information or support .lrc files in any way?

I think, it don't.

Greets saLOUt - Aug 27 2008
Sometimes the g15composer instance (Plugin-window in the lcd) seems to crash...

I go to the Script Management and restart the Plugin...

Unfortunately I couldn't get out the problem yet. - Aug 25 2008
G15 Amarok Plugin Plus

Amarok 1.x Scripts 11 comments

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Jul 22 2008
thanks a lot. That helped. I changed the amarok script v1.0 to v1.0.1.

=> Use Version v1.0.1 to get full character support. - Jul 22 2008
My script doesn't care for any keys. I just listened for the kde dcop server. That might be due to amarok's global keys...

Greets saLOUt - Apr 30 2008
I know this problem.
As i listen often to german tracks like "Die Ärzte", i got also weird letters for non-ascii-chars.

I think this might be an issue of the g15-composer. -> I'm not able to do anything. Sry - Mar 30 2008
That's my first software publication and i am very pleased, that there are some guys how use my script. ;)

I will fix that problem in the following days (check this page again on weekend), so that no error appears, but i don't recommend to set the speed lower than 1, because the current time will run in an ugly way (not consistent, try and see it self).

Amarok sends messages to my script, if the volume changes. I check these messages and show the volume change screen if necessary.
That means:

1) Running the script manually: Amarok isn't able to send messages if volume changes -> No Volume Screen
Better would be to change the default speed in the amarok bash script.

2) Kmix don't send messages to my script: There's nothing to trigger.
To get the script working with kmix i would have to ask each time for the actual volume and compare it to the last one. That wouldn't be a good style. Maybe someone have a better idea.

Greets saLOUtions - Mar 13 2008

System Software
by denisq

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Mar 29 2010

TV & Streaming
by zarlino

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Mar 25 2010

Chat & Messenging
by Sho

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Mar 23 2010

by mtux

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Mar 23 2010

Various KDE Stuff
by Seli

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Mar 05 2010

by marcomaniac

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Mar 01 2010

by fischer

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Jul 25 2009 KDE4 Color Scheme

Plasma Color Schemes
by mdb

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Jul 17 2009
Oxygen System Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by kilah

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Feb 17 2009
Service Menu Editor

Dolphin Service Menus
by DavidEdmundson

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Jan 31 2009

by vasilief

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Jan 31 2009

by amarok

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Jan 31 2009
Run Command

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Emdek

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Dec 29 2008