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Stefano Salvador Udine, Italy

Database by salvaste 42 comments

sorry for the problem,

it's a common installation issue with debian based distributions, I have the patch laying somewhere but can find the time to integrate and release it.

Katalog build system has a flaw trying to generate the folder for the qt-sqlite plugin, the solution is to create it manualy (is $QTDIR/plugins/sqldrivers/) and than to reinstall katalog (make install should be enough), if after the reinstall you have a couple of new files here you should be ok.

thanks for trying my little application - Jan 12 2008
Katalog (Debian Package)

Database by stromek 3 comments

thank you from katalog author :)

you have resolved a common problem of all debina/kubuntu users.

asap I'll include your modifications in the main source tree. - May 08 2007
Ultimate WebShots Converter for KDE

Graphic Apps by sweinst 11 comments

If someone is interested in something more integrated in KDE take a look at:

it uses powerful kio-slave technology to see webshots archives directly in konqueror or in any standard kde app (kview, ...). - Aug 08 2006

Database by salvaste 42 comments

Keep in mind that this is still a beta version so you can find some bug.

If you try Katalog I really appreciate any kind of feedback. - May 08 2006

Database by salvaste 42 comments

Sorry, I haven't noticed your comment before today, anyway I think you can resolve your problem with a logoff/login.

Bye, Stefano - Apr 04 2006

Database by salvaste 42 comments

Sorry for the late response, this type of requests are better addressed to my email.

Anyway, I'm developing the 0.4 version with import/export feature, I don't know KatCeDe, but if the file format is documented it's not so hard to implement an import feature. Unfourtunately I don't speak german so its website it's not informative to me.

Thanks for trying Katalog,

Stefano - Jan 30 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

good patch, but all <...> are stripped in your comment, probably it's better if you link a file with this patch - Oct 06 2005

Developers Apps by salvaste 3 comments

Yes, you have to ship this driver with your application (until Qt4 is widely spread) and add all necessary checks in your build system to ensure that it is not already present. If I find time I'll add some example of that using autoconf and scons-bksys. - Jun 02 2005

Database by salvaste 42 comments

This is a problem with generated file, delete all *_skel* and *.idl files and run make, everything should work.

Probably you everything is fine if tou run

make clean

soon I upgrade the source package with some polishing.

ciao - Sep 15 2004

Database by salvaste 42 comments

It's a bug, now fixed on 0.3.

Thanks, stefano - Sep 15 2004

Database by salvaste 42 comments

I add this in my TODO list :) - May 07 2004