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Sam Exner Centennial, United States of America
Samurai New Edition

Wallpaper Other by henkwww 1 comment

very good - Nov 25 2007
its a bit ugly... not the thing i want to give out to people to spread linux - Oct 15 2007
firefox girl

Cliparts by sylvoo 11 comments

lol - Aug 13 2007
Linux Pills

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 2 comments

yay - Jun 15 2007
TUX mesh blender model

Various Stuff by trebol-a 9 comments

thats kde kool! - Jun 02 2007
Yet another openSUSE wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 9 comments

thats just wrong - Jun 01 2007
um... no you dont
look closer... thats KDE.. you can see kicker

- May 20 2007
Think Linux

Wallpaper Other by AgenT0r 6 comments

whats with the apple?
Tux symbolizes freedom! The apple apple symbolizes paying too much for OSes with "open-source" kernels
sorry if i rained on anyones parade - May 12 2007
moldy nectarines

Wallpaper Other by marquardt1 14 comments

well... its icky looking, thats all im saying... - Mar 23 2007
Gimp Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by nekslycer 4 comments

what is that, exactly? - Mar 23 2007

Cursors by lowdread 7 comments

this is great! good job.
i love zelda
your english isnt bad at all. - Mar 21 2007
*Kill Bill*

Wallpaper Other by Chaaun 41 comments

hehe - Mar 21 2007
Zenwalk-YinYang SVG

Wallpaper Other by zenwalker 1 comment

its very zen - Mar 21 2007
moldy nectarines

Wallpaper Other by marquardt1 14 comments

oh god
why the heck would someone want to boot up their linux system, log into kde, and see moldy nectarines. Why did you upload this? things like this shouldnt be uploaded...

i say again: oh god - Mar 21 2007