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Thank you . - Apr 01 2021
Fonts have been updated recently. Thank you for your rating - Mar 25 2021
just delete icon folder - Mar 25 2021
Thank you, Sure I will update it. - Mar 22 2021
append or add above line in /etc/default/grub - Dec 22 2020
Check the /usr/share/grub/themes directory if sleek folder isin there or not.. if sleek folder is not there copy the extracted sleek folder to the /usr/share/grub/themes directory .. and if exist append else add this line
and update the grub as root :sudo update-grub - Dec 22 2020
It seems grub themes should reside in /boot/grub/themes directory. Open the script with any text editor and change the 3rd line from THEME_DIR="/usr/share/grub/themes" to THEME_DIR="/boot/grub/themes" . and try re-executing it. I hope this may solve the issue. - Nov 26 2020
Do you have multi boot? If you have single operating system, it directly boots to it. You can create delay to list the os if you want. - Nov 19 2020
nope i haven't copied yours ...... yeah i was inspired from you. but i just changed the background of my orange theme and removed the item background see your background image and mine image is different.... The background image is downloaded from google and customized in figma. Compare my orange theme and bigSur theme, only difference is background and font-color. - Nov 19 2020
i am happy you like it... - Nov 03 2020
oops i am sorry, i will surely create 2k and 4k varients .... - Nov 03 2020
i am happy you like it... yup , you can - Nov 03 2020
thank you - Oct 02 2020
thank you for your rating.....
- Oct 02 2020
fonts used by grub are bitmap. I do have a problem converting above fonts to bitmap. Fonts that i used in design is poppins. I will definitely try to fix this. I appreciate your concern, thank you. - Sep 20 2020
sorry, i forget to include with dark theme. But, its included with orange and light theme. Thank you for your feedback. I will include it.
- Sep 18 2020
thank you.... - Sep 01 2020
thank you.....
- Aug 28 2020
thank you.......
- Aug 23 2020
thank you. this means a lot for me...
- Aug 23 2020