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Xu Jia Hang zhou, China
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Feb 08 2012
I didn't find this error. Maybe your package is broken. You can re-download or check out the recent svn:
If you have any problem, mail to me. Thank you. - May 15 2013
try left click menu - auto download - yes
let me know if it can't work - May 01 2010
and set the save path at the media file's path in path page of configure - Nov 18 2009

lrcShow-X has this feature already.

Please see: menu - other functions - configure - normal page - search and name lrc as media file's name.

Have a try. - Nov 18 2009
please try 1.2.1, thank you - Sep 27 2009
Would you please tell me the output of the shell command "ps -ef | grep "lrcShow-X" | grep "/usr/bin/python" | grep -v "grep" | wc -l" - Sep 26 2009
Ok, that's fine, I would provide my help if you need - Apr 27 2009
if you have some native lyrics server, we could try to add it as search engine. shoe is very good at this.

btw, could you try to fix a bug in your starter. when I quit the app from itself, the menu in amarok2 would update, and sometime it would cause launch two app instance - Apr 25 2009
Oh, many thanks, that's what I really want, you could pulish it alone, and I will intergrade it in later version. - Apr 19 2009
Lrc Editor

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Nov 08 2009
Base on dbus system, it could support more media players.

Is it developed from Lrceditor-Amarok? I am curious :) - Oct 19 2009
GOO lyrics

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Mar 22 2009
every track here has this problem. If the track never played before, the auto search works well, next time the track plays, the cached lyrics would not show, just say "not found", but search lyrics manuly, it works well. - Jun 11 2009
Hi, I find it seems that it could not use lyrics cache well, the same as workshop - Jun 10 2009
Hi eusonig, I use Amarok-2.1, I find that sometines goo lyrics could search the correct lyrics and shows the lyrics in amarok, but just 1 second, then say "lyrics was not found", it happens in auto search situation when change tracks. If I use tool - goo lyrics, it could work well.

BTW, I will update lrcShow-X in a few days, you could check it in my svn (, in this svn version, app only allows only one instance. When app is launched, it would create a lock file (~/.lrcShow-X/lock), when quits, app would del it. If another instance is launched, and detect the lock file, it would be failed. If it's useful for your starter. - Jun 10 2009
lrcShow-X starter

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May 25 2009
the second version works perfect.
thank you very much! - Apr 22 2009
yes, +x would fix this problem, but I found another. When the track changes, lrcShow-X would be restart, would you fix this bug? - Apr 21 2009
Here, seems nothing happens.
cat lrcShow-X.cfg
# lrcShow-X for Amarok configuration file
# -----------------------------------------
lrcShowPath = /home/frank/python script/lrcShow-X/trunk/lrcShow-X - Apr 21 2009

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Feb 23 2009
I found minilyrics' server is not stable, maybe it is the reason that the module failed last time. But now, it works well. - Jan 31 2009
I will tell Petel Zhou, he write this part, we are friends. But at least it need next version Amarok.
- Dec 18 2008
hi outlikeashoe, nice to see you. i am bussy this days too. and one thing i should to discuss with you. i have seen your test code for amarok2, and i thought, with dbus system, app could independent to amarok2 script system, because receive and send signals could be done by any outside app not only amarok script.
so i thing next generation lrcShow-III (maybe) would not be amarok script any more, but just a independent app, could support other players with dbus system and full signals. - Dec 12 2008
Thank you.
It is possible, and I thought it before, but give it up because two reasons: first you should be waiting until app searched all engines, second this function would give you many result maybe, even useless. - Nov 15 2008
1.your idea is good, would be added
2.I thought this before, but I think, if the artist and title in amarok are wrong and cause to download a wrong lrc, one way is to set strategy, the other is to modify them with amarok, but at least your idea is also good
3.that's why I must add the strategy function for every track
4.change engine? just in right click menu
and, in our country, minilyrics also is popular, but only in wimnap times, now we like to use ttplayer and its lrc show function is the best so far, lrcShow-II learns many functions and work methods from ttp's lrc show, you could try it.

Thanks for your good suggestion. - Jul 25 2008
First of all, thanks for your reporting anyhow.
I think this problem is very strange, you know I just get the current time from Amarok with dcop function, and convert it into the former of "", nothing else.
I suggest that when you insert the time tag, you should compare it with the time showing on Amarok rapidly, if it is correct, it means my converting is right; if not, I should check my app.
If everything is right but the problem still exists, please mail me the lrc file you made, even the media file.
Best regards - Jul 13 2008
Hi alegeott.
Thanks for your suggestion.
In this app, resize the window is not easy, because the problem of location the current lyrics. In fact, full screen means cover all desktop including task bar, I think you need a display mode of maximum the window, I will add.
The custom search engine is difficult.Every search engine has its own search rule. But if you have good search site, tell me and let me try if it could be added.
My English also poor....
Happy Spring Festival - Feb 15 2008
ttplayer's search engine would be added next version, it's powerful! - Dec 21 2007

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Mar 29 2008
check the mail.
if still can't work, let me know. - Aug 06 2008
Hi, welcome.
I just say sorry, it too long since last version - Sep 02 2007
Hello, I have this problem too, that is why I can't update this program.
This is my post for help
- Aug 07 2007
Oh my God!! has redesigned their web, the rule of fetching lyrics of this script now is out of date. - May 07 2007
I tested under big5 environment, but not sufficiently. Please give me two information.

1.make sure your amarok is playing, and the track's tag is Traditional Chinese, then type in console "dcop amarok player title" and "dcop amarok player artist", give me the two result. console type "python", in python-console-mode, type:
import locale #return
print locale.getdefaultlocale()
then give me the result

Thanks - May 03 2007
No no, just del line 274-281, and replaced by "user_locale=('zh_CN','utf8').It's OK, I tested. not user_locale[0]=xxxxx

Otherwise, you can mail me - Apr 20 2007
Open the source,and find line 274-281, delete them(include 274 and 281),and add:


Just cheat computer :) - Apr 18 2007
I remember, you had left a comment on my blog, :)
you can read the source,14 and 15 lines,I did not consider this problem about chinese songs have " ' " in title, so 15 line is "pass", infact after+='%27' is better, then it could find the right url. I have tried, but have difficult in show lyrics because of complex colons matching, maybe use xml is better.
Maybe next version I will add Simplified search engine under Traditional locale and add a line by line lrc show module or 0.4.1 is final - Mar 17 2007
I know why you can't find lyrics of "I don't wanna be", because in the title have a "'", in English song it's ok.I do not have such song, so I ignored this problem. - Mar 17 2007
I see you are traditional Chinese user, so you have to use to fetch Jacky's song though it's English song. I will fix this error.

Of course you can use baidu to fetch lyrics, but baidu returns you Simplified-Chinese lyrics, do you really want even you are a Traditional-Chinese user? To ensure the lyrics you fetch is according with user's locale, I hide the baidu sohu etc engine under zh_TW.* locale. - Mar 16 2007
A mistake was found in this version(0.4.0), I will fix it as soon as possible. - Mar 03 2007
You are welcome.
Here is a post of my blog, see the first comment :)

If you open the source file, you can find the blank space of getting traditional lyrics, but you know the damned earthquake, and I have not found a good traditional lyrics search engine. - Feb 01 2007
You are welcome.
Here is a post of my blog, see the first comment :)

If you open the source file, you can find the blank space of getting traditional lyrics, but you know the damned earthquake, and I have not found a good traditional lyrics search engine. - Feb 01 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 19 comments

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Nov 02 2007
Hi, I read your code about auto detect file's encoder. And I can not understand module line 319, what's the "self.Lyrics"? It's sound like a list. If I disabled this line, module return many codecs, of course including the correct one.
Thanks. Your codes are great! - Dec 25 2007
Hi, I read your code about auto detect file's encoder. And I can not understand module line 319, what's the "self.Lyrics"? It's sound like a list. If I disabled this line, module return many codecs, of course including the correct one.
Thanks. Your codes are great! - Dec 25 2007
Hi Dedood, do you remember me? Lrceditor-Amarok's author.

I write a scipt for Amarok like Amalyp, and I need a good lrc search web for non-Chinese songs, I can't find, do you have a good idea? - Dec 18 2007

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Jan 18 2008
Removed all my Amarok scripts after uninstalled your script.
Maybe it's package problem. Every script has its own directory. - Dec 14 2007
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

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Nov 03 2011
it's strange, mhwaveedit use kgtk, can't import any media file - Oct 21 2007

Utilities 4 comments

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Jun 02 2007
I think your program is great from snapshorts, though I haven't try cause I don't have pykde right now.
Play button problem is true, it is a bug. Because my amarok would not stop until I close it, I will fix it.About encoder, I have no idea about it, do you have some advice to detect encoder automatically?
And I will add fast skip button next version.
Your advise is good, thanks :) - May 28 2007

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Dec 04 2007
you don't need any GUI bindings for python, just try in python-console mode, you would understand.

import commands
cmd=commands.getoutput("kdialog --getexistingdirectory '/home' 2>/dev/null")
print cmd

if you use scim just like me," 2>/dev/null" is very important

waiting for your new version - May 12 2007
I like it - May 04 2007
AmarokFS Startup Script

Amarok 1.x Scripts 19 comments

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Mar 29 2007
As I know, if users use scim, when they type command in kdialog, it would be like this in config file:

QMultiInputContext::changeInputMethod(): index=0, slave=scim

Maybe in this section, the code:

cmd=commands.getoutput('kdialog --inputbox "xxxxxx" 2>/dev/null')

would be better.

The other some-function script has this problem too,but it is finall version.

- Apr 15 2007
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

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Jun 04 2010

by amarok

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Oct 02 2009
lrcShow-X starter

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by eusonig

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Apr 20 2009
GOO lyrics

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by eusonig

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Mar 04 2009
Lyrics CN

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by peterzl

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Feb 14 2009