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Miguel Velazquez
Amarok Vinyl (+ colored vinyls)

Karamba & Superkaramba 24 comments

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Jul 02 2008
I have decided to update my Amarok Vinyl widget for KDE 4, Amarok 2 and Plasma, as you can imagine this may imply a lot of work and sadly I don't have a lot of time in my hands right now, therefore all I can say is that the update is definitely in its way, but it may take long, so please be patient.

Thanks a lot to all the people interested. - Aug 23 2009
Hey, thank you very much, it was all my fault, I'm very glad that you find the theme useful. - Jul 02 2008
Hello, thanks for your comments.

As for the problem, if you didnĀ“t had any issues with 0.1, I think you may be missing the compare command, check it out and let me know if the issue remains the same.

Could you please run the theme from the command line and copy/paste the output here? - Jun 30 2008
Sorry, my mistake, you need Python bindings for KDE, try to search for python-kde3 or python-dcop. - Dec 17 2007
$superkaramba /path-to-file/Vinyl.theme

My version of imagemagick is 6.3.5, but as imagemagick is quite versatile i don't thing your problem is a question of sintaxis or versions, maybe you are missing some python libraries, or maybe the problem comes from write permissions. - Dec 17 2007
That's weird, what you can do is look for some proper and up to date imagemagick package for your distribution, or build it for yourself. Now, if you don't get to see anything at all, chances are for imagemagick not being the problem, can you rename Vinyl.skz to then extract the contents to somewhere then run the file named Vinyl.theme in superkaramba? maybe the skz archive isn't installing the files properly. - Dec 17 2007
is the convert command in your path? i mean, can you do $convert -resize 50% somefile.jpg somefile.png in a terminal? Also, what is the output if you run the widget from a terminal? - Dec 17 2007
I forgot to mention that scroll wheel over the theme controls volume too. - Dec 17 2007
Thank you very much for your comments, regarding support for other players, I don't have time to work in it by now, but maybe in the future. - Dec 17 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba 7 comments

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Dec 19 2007
it should be the string replacer filter, it is simple, you should set it to replace yskw with nothing, check it out. - Dec 26 2007
can you successfully do in a terminal:
$dcop kttsd KSpeech sayText "hello world" "en" - Dec 21 2007
Open kttsmgr, then in the Filters tab do the following:

Create a String replacer filter, in wich the type should be word, the match case checkbox should be on, the match should be yskw, leave the "replace with" field empty.

Regarding the voice of Yoda, as obviously is not available for festival, mbrola or whatever engine KTTS use, you can edit the pitch of the voice to make it sound more close to Yoda's.
- Dec 21 2007
bubble burst

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

by Matti
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Apr 22 2007
Thanks for showing that it is possible to be creative with superkaramba beyond system monitors. - Apr 23 2007
Yahoo Avatars

Karamba & Superkaramba 7 comments

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Dec 18 2007
thank you for your comments, the amarok thing is a theme for aero aio made by me, not yet released.
- Feb 22 2007
It's beryl snow plugin, very cool, the flakes are here in kde-look for download and use with that plugin.
- Jan 02 2007
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Feb 01 2007
I was to vote it good because I'm from mexico, but I voted it good because it is great!
- Feb 02 2007
ninoanima's desktop

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Jan 04 2007
Could you tell me where may i get the wallpaper? - Jan 05 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

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Nov 12 2006
cool widgets, what is the name of the one for the weather that you are using?
- Nov 13 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes 23 comments

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Nov 01 2006
you have a pretty good looking desktop. what is the style that you are using in it? - Nov 01 2006
KDE 3.5.4 Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots 6 comments

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Apr 26 2007
what app is that analog clock on your panel? look so cool. - Aug 26 2006
Feisty Beryl

KDE Plasma Screenshots 25 comments

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Jun 18 2007
have you tried mtaskbar?, with that taskbar you can set the font color to the one used for bg, and get legible taskbar entries, (it works for me with xgl+compiz).

cool desktop. - Aug 07 2006

Kbfx Startmenu 2 comments

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Aug 04 2006
thank you very much for your comment.

enjoy - Aug 05 2006
Black theme for a-foto

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

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Jul 28 2006
Sorry, it happens exactly the same here, haven't searched for a workaround for that - Jul 31 2006
That's XGL X server + compiz window manager, just google for that and you'll fin a bunch of tutorials for setting that up on your box.

thanks for the comment. - Jul 29 2006

Kbfx Startmenu 5 comments

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Aug 04 2006
thank you for both, your comment and for that excelent app. - Jul 05 2006
it's cool read that comments coming from two expert kbfx designers. - Jul 03 2006
Joystick Control

Amarok 1.x Scripts 8 comments

by leiz
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Jan 07 2006
excelent!!!!, now i can control amarok semi-remotely (as far as the cable of my joystick goes), thank you so much. - Jun 05 2006
Red Desktop

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Apr 10 2006
In kde control center->Desktop->window behavior, choose the tab named "translucency", enable translucency/shadows, then check the button for dock windows, adjust it and you're almost done, for this to work you have to add the following lines to your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file:

Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Enable"

and that's all, hope this works for you - Apr 10 2006
yeah, that's right - Apr 08 2006
Kopete Avatar

Amarok 1.x Scripts 9 comments

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Feb 22 2006
can you explain how does the new feature of default avatar works, because if amarok isn't running the script isn't running too, is it? - Feb 21 2006
very cool, even better than the one that inspired it, more cleaner and works perfect, thank you! - Feb 20 2006