Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by speleoalex 7 comments

This tiny tool is very usefull. It would be realy good to integrate a "GTK Style" selection in kcontrol.

Could you develop a kcm module for that? Those modules are easiely made with kdevelop. - May 17 2004
kde win9x full

KDE 3.5 Themes by speleoalex 23 comments

I think it's amazing how linux could imitate other systems. the linux desktop is the most adaptable desktop I ever saw.

keep on your good work! - May 13 2004

Network by crissi 129 comments

nice app!

ps.:yeah small is the world :-) Nice greetings from me.

sarah - May 11 2004

Security by hoganrobert 150 comments

could you make an alternative package without clamav. Because some people could have this and downloading this twice isn' nice.
Anyway good job! - May 06 2004

Audio Apps by steunix 85 comments

kmix (kde3.2) support channel splitting. kmix has alsa support and it has switches. Also it supports multiple mixer-devices. What you need more?

Some things could be better solved (eg. channel selection) but it's ok for now.
A VU Meter for recording/playing would be a nice but not really neccessary feature.

I think kamix could loose it's relevants now or in some later kde versions. - May 05 2004

Various KDE Stuff by aivs 44 comments

I like the colors :-) perhaps it could be skinable/configurable. But I showing most used programmes and categorized programms next to each other confuse me. I have the same problem in winXP.

sarah - Apr 30 2004

System Software by sarahb523 12 comments

I like the listbox because I can sort the columns. I would do somthing other then the other apps. - Apr 26 2004
Desktop Icon Grouping

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Justace 17 comments

I also need such a feature, becasue my desktop always full of unordered crap. It's anoing to sort all icons. - Apr 24 2004

System Software by sarahb523 12 comments

other distro support is skipped because I had no time yet. :-( - Apr 24 2004

Utilities by marcb 6 comments

Yeah it's a great piece of Software. I tried it today and it works. Now I can download kde with my modem :-) - Apr 22 2004
GRUB NextBoot

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by marktaff 44 comments

This is a great app! At the moment Grub is the most used boot manager in current distros. Is there any usefull kde tool to configure grub? I thing a desktop integration is quite usefull. - Apr 20 2004

IDEs by milianw 80 comments

I used kdevelop 2 long time before version 3 exist. Version 2 is not so intuitive but it works. Especialy version 2.1.5 is very stable. Now I use kdevelop 3 and I must say it is not so stable. It crashes during documentation brwosing and some other things. I dislike the IDEA mode because it is pedantically in my daily work. But the tabbed mode fit my needs.
I have problems with the make-tools editor. How I can add a existing file and then define a target where the file should copied during a "make install"? I kdevelop 2 was it quite easy but in kdevelop 3 I don't see any easy way to do this.

other thing are the file groups. I spilt my projects into "heade, source, gnu, icons, ...". It is possible to change the predefined groups, but you have to do this for each project. It is not possible to change the given groups permanently. This is a little bit anoying.

But kdevelop 3 goes the right way but it is far away from a stable and usefull version for all the user needs. (But it can fit to all needs of some users, but not for all!) - Apr 20 2004

System Software by sarahb523 12 comments

don't know, but I didn't like the sys-v editor very much. I will include different disto support in the next version of kcmGRunlevel.

I create this as a part of a gentoo control center. I like to do this as kcontrol modules. It is primary for me but perhaps other people could find this ideas usefull too. - Apr 12 2004

System Software by sarahb523 12 comments

I'm new to gentoo and I had no experience with writing ebuilds. But I'm sure I will include an ebuild in the next version. - Apr 12 2004

System Software by sarahb523 12 comments

I need an icon for my app. Possibly somebody can help me?

sarah - Apr 09 2004

Network by blinkhacker 18 comments

What us RSS??? Could somebody explain my this thing.

sarah - Apr 06 2004
katie liquid splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by sarahb523 7 comments

The reason for the creation of this splash screen was, that I missed a 'female' design in kde. My goal is to offer other female KDE users a 'girly KDE look'.
Of course non girls (I think they called boys :-) ) can use this them too.
I plan to publish a complete kde look in this style.

SaRaH - Feb 25 2003