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GDM Themes by socialinux 4 comments

Hey Nick,

The GDM login screen themes are in a different place than the regular Gnome desktop themes. For this GDM theme, go up to your Systems menu, then to "Administration", then settle on "Login Window." Once that dialog box pops up (you'll have to enter your user password), go to the "Local" tab. There you should see some thumbnails of the login themes already installed. Drag and drop 93672-mushroom.tar.gz from its folder into the thumbnail area and click the install button that pops up. Browse through the thumbnails of themes and select the button next to the one you want, which should now be installed. Above the thumbnails, choose the options "Themed with a faced browser" and "Selected Only" from the dropdown lists. Make sure your theme is still the one selected, click close, and you should be all set. Just log out to check.

Optionally, right under the thumbnail area, there is an option to change the background color. I changed mine to black so it wouldn't flash the default Ubuntu orange color every time I log in.

If you are looking for a desktop theme instead of a login screen theme, check out the "GTK 2.x" section. Hope this helps!

-Sarah - Feb 03 2009