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Sebastián Bení­tez , Argentina

Utilities by giorgiotani 181 comments

I will still remember all of you this is KDE-Apps. There is gnome-files for gtk based software. Why is there a need to pollute this site ignoring what kind of content is being posted here just because you think this app may be useful for some person? Respect us people wanting to find only KDE-libs based software here and remove your application. It's not like there is no other place to promote your software in the damn internet. Sheesh... - May 18 2007

Security by renci 7 comments

If not, please remove from this site. - Nov 13 2006

Audio Apps by jce 12 comments

Please post this application where it belongs. It doesn't belong here. - Oct 22 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

I wonder if you can implement toolbar buttons borders like those in some Mac OS X applications or Office 2007, that are joined together when they are related (i.e. no separator between them).

An Office 2007 screenshot. I like the way those buttons look. - Sep 14 2006

Utilities by gonebush 49 comments

You could use CMake to build the project. It generates KDevelop files too, and is easier than autotools. - Aug 19 2006

Office Apps by flodder 2 comments

Could you simplify the GUI? I mean, you could have a simpler GUI with an advanced tab or something. - May 22 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

I will accept that. - May 15 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

It is not me the one who's trolling. And certainly I'm not here to debate. But I found your sentence totally unnecessary, childish and not really factual. Talking bullshit about other applications that don't fit your own karma is not correct. It's just the same stupidity I'm used to find on blogs and forums about GTK/GNOME vs QT/KDE that doesn't help, and if anything, it scares people away from free software.

What is the interaction between KatchTV and GTK applications that prevents KatchTV from running appropriately when there are GTK applications running? Because that is really bullshit, nonsense. So if I'm wrong, please excuse my ignorance on the subject and please enlighten me and show me the truth, prove me I'm wrong.

Denying everything and just saying I don't understand is either the idiotic method to escape from the truth or egoism for not helping others to understand what you said to understand.

Don't hide yourself behind the denials or the insults. That won't help you nor me. - May 15 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

I do understand. And I gave you the facts and the arguments for those facts. You didn't. - May 15 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

"I guess you might be misreading my comment. When I said "It's much faster.." I'm still referring to KatchTV, not making a general statement."

Sorry, but I fail to see how KatchTV will be much faster anymore than any other application by not using GTK applications. I use Gnumeric most of the time to open XLS files, because KSpread doesn't open them correctly. My system doesn't slow down, even if I'm playing music with AmaroK, which is very resource intensive. Gnumeric also introduces all GNOME libraries you imagine. I don't like that, but I don't have any other solution at hand. Purism won't help me. I have to say that my PC is a P3 600Mhz, 192MB memory and a 10GB disk. It performs pretty well, for what I have.

"If I was changing topic, it would have at least been in a new paragraph."

Well, perhaps I should have said irrelevant. What if I have 2GB of memory and a quad processor system? Does not using GTK applications at all affect me? Or does not using GTK applications really make KatchTV faster? I don't think so. A video application depends mostly from processor availability to decode the video. It depends a bit too on available memory. But tell me how an open GTK application could make KatchTV slow? - May 15 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

Without argument? Just because you can? It is not fair to abuse this place with your political or personal view on which library or applications someone should use. At least give a good reason as to why GTK applications interfere with the correct functioning of KatchTV. What you do is like saying "I don't like GTK applications, by the way". There's no reason to do that in your application's description.

You can blog about it, write a book, publish comments, even troll. But I think putting a sentence like previously stated in the app's description is not only unfair, but completely useless. Not part of the app itself. - May 15 2006

TV & Streaming by jel 81 comments

"It's much faster, and lighter on resources if you run a KDE desktop without GTK apps."

I use KDE and like more the KDE applications. But I find this sentence a little bit offtopic. It doesn't matter this is a KDE site, GTK apps sometimes offer a better solution than KDE apps. So why shouldn't I use GTK apps? If you meant that GTK apps, because of the loaded dependencies, consume your precious system resources that you need for your application, then I shouldn't be running any other resource-intensive KDE application like Kopete or Konqueror. GTK applications introduce library dependencies just like KDE applications may introduce other library dependencies not normally loaded. That is not an argument against GTK applications. In fact, there isn't any argument against GTK applications. If someone finds there is some application s/he needs and it's a GTK application, what or who prevents him/her from using it? - May 15 2006
Info-centric browser (mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by SibSkull 15 comments

This could make a good KPart for document centric applications. - Dec 14 2005

Science by rvirga 14 comments

Thanks for this client! - Nov 23 2005