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Schatten Gesang Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Novuruj Zdrovica

Wallpaper Other by SchattenGessang 1 comment

Incompleted, i think. There must be some pretty accesories there: pen or pencil, for example. But not now :3 - Feb 05 2010

Wallpaper Other by SchattenGessang 4 comments

Thanx :3 - Jan 26 2010
Wish you'll have lung cancer :3 - Dec 25 2009
Brit Leaves wide

Wallpaper Other by Voxnet 2 comments

whoa :3 - Nov 26 2009
linux for human beings!

Wallpaper Other by dewrim2 3 comments

Hey, you've just sticked ubuntu logo and tux over someone's else poster!
- Oct 17 2009
Nimbus-Aero Improved

GTK2 Themes by juandejesuss 11 comments

Looks ugly and also you're violating copyrights, using windows flag, the registered trademark, as menu icon. - Oct 11 2009
Lucid Lynx

Wallpaper Other by fishbulb1022 7 comments

Proprietary license? No way! - Oct 05 2009
Ubuntu History 03

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Mac1984 2 comments - Aug 13 2009
Ubuntu History 03

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Mac1984 2 comments you can participate - Aug 13 2009
Ultimate Edition 2.4 Proposed

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 10 comments

I have an advice for you: look here for realising how good theme looks like :-) - Jul 28 2009
Ultimate Edition 2.4 Proposed

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 10 comments

Look like i'm back in 80's. And, also, this checkers are awfull: who will pay to my eyes surgeon? :-)

Interface must be flat, lightweight and pretty clear: your ideas about glass elements isn't bad, but that textures... Oh, looking at they for 10 seconds i feel pain in my eyes! - Jul 27 2009
Ultimate Edition 2.4 Proposed

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 10 comments

SUBJ - Jul 27 2009
linux now

Wallpaper Other by pleomax 2 comments

There's problems with proportions, problems with annoying gradient, problems with blury tux, problems with stupid bg...

This isn't art: this is pollution :3 - Jul 27 2009
linux now

Wallpaper Other by pleomax 1 comment

Wait... Oh... Ffffffuuuuuu~ - Jul 27 2009
Retrofukation Gtk

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 8 comments

Thanx, great theme and for the icons: there is Retrouble GTK ( ) also perectly matching them. - Jun 25 2009
Retrofukation Gtk

GTK2 Themes by untouchable89 8 comments

I think, Retrofukation GTK. - Jun 25 2009

GTK2 Themes by perenoel 25 comments

I hate peoples, copying something.
"Talented artist copying someone's work, genius one stealing it" - Van Gogh sad.

All you can do is talently copy instead of create somethign really cool.

And if you'll say me, what peoples like it, thats not a measure of good work, thats just a measure of someone's bad tastes.

My opinion is in that: linux must have its own style, instead of copying anything. Here are lot of vista-ish styles and they looking equally to each other.

Thats why i rate it 'bad' and thats why i will rate 'bad' all Mac-ish, Vista-ish and XP-looking like content. - Jan 19 2009
The Power of Linux

Beryl/Emerald Themes by DDD 3 comments

Do you really think, what all the power of linux in vista-like borders and mac-like window controls?

// Suxx, really - Dec 15 2008
Vista/Aero Menu image

Various Gnome Stuff by megasasquatch 5 comments

Linux not windows! Remember this for the next time: all this vista-ish artwork is a big crap here: peoples copying this stupid interface instead of doing something really cool.

I think you'll get lot of bad marks just because of this. - Dec 15 2008
Redmond 7 - KDM

KDM3 Themes by jonson2050 4 comments

This is some little tip for you here: kde-look, like other *-looks are LINUX operation system oriented resource.

By saying this i just want to recomend you stop stealing microsoft (c)(r)(tm) windows (c)(r)(tm) vista (c)(r)(tm) artwork (c)(r)(tm) and start making something really beautifull and usefull with your own hands.

And thats the answer on the question "Why all this people think, my artwork is 'bad'?".

In any cases, there is some license restrictions. As you may know, microsoft (c)(r)(tm) is proprietary software developer, and that means, all modifications and copying of their is illegal. You're pirate, my friend, Aaaarght! - Nov 10 2008
Ogv to Flv Converter

Nautilus Scripts by siafulinux 23 comments

It's better to make 'flv to ogv converter', because of flv format proprietarity :-) - Oct 30 2008
Ubuntu Dust theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by alingham 9 comments

I have left-oriented (OS X-style) window controls placement, can you make metacity render buttons in right way? - Oct 29 2008
Happy Halloween Operating System

Wallpaper Other by nemesisgeneral 3 comments

Ubuntu is not an OS, Ubuntu is linux distrib. And linux is also not an OS, linux is kernel. - Oct 29 2008
Ubuntu Studio M16 Black

Wallpapers Ubuntu by nysomin01 2 comments

M16 - suxx, AKM - rulezzz! - Oct 20 2008

GTK2 Themes by sen7 131 comments

One of the greatest themes here. But i'm expecting problems with metacity: when window unmaximized and focused, there is 2-3px line appears in the bottom of window's title and that crashes appearance. - Oct 19 2008

GTK2 Themes by visio159 15 comments

Looks scary :-) - Sep 28 2008
Ubuntu Stripes

Wallpapers Ubuntu by insanelyderanged 2 comments

This is good chance for peoples hating both stupid ubuntu artwork everywhere and USA, because they can print this flag and burn it :-) - Sep 28 2008

Wallpaper Other by gurux 11 comments

i've using natural paper, boiled with tea for texture. Result is interesting: - Sep 25 2008
The Power Of Two!

Wallpaper Other by mayurarora 2 comments

Colors make me feel discomfort... Try to use tango pallete, its have pretty soft colors. - Sep 25 2008
I Luv Linux

Wallpaper Other by g33z 1 comment

It will looks better, if you'll make reflection on bottom be the same size as original sign, believe me :-) - Sep 25 2008

Wallpaper Other by gurux 11 comments

Rated +1, can you give us texture? :-) - Sep 25 2008

Wallpaper Other by insanelyderanged 7 comments

You'll better to visit psychiatrist :-) - Sep 25 2008
Insane Red-Black Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by insanelyderanged 2 comments

My eyes! My eyes!.. Why this work is here? May be you've better placed it on - Sep 25 2008
Ovalized Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by crazysoilder 5 comments

Looks great, really :-) - Sep 25 2008
(RED) Wallpapers for Linux

Wallpaper Other by Raideiin 7 comments

I like it, but they're too red :-) - Sep 25 2008
Tux Cmd Artwork

Various Gnome Stuff by SchattenGessang 2 comments

Please, post comments :-) - Sep 22 2008

Wallpaper Other by noisedsn 3 comments

Pretty combination of gradient and difference clouds in layer mask :-) - Sep 22 2008
Shutdown -h, right? :-)

(rated +) - Sep 22 2008
Tux Commander

System Software by tbzatek 2 comments

Can you make transcoding on ftp? - Sep 21 2008

Wallpaper Other by archaikus 7 comments

Hate american goverment and all the evil they do around the world - Sep 11 2008

Wallpaper Other by janderson3m 3 comments

I've seen this brushes on deviantart, but this is really good work: downloaded and rated 'good' :-)

Whats about bigger dimensions? - Sep 08 2008
Wallpapers Ubuntu girls

Wallpapers Ubuntu by elblogdejabba 8 comments

<sarcasm>Ubuntu girls</sarcasm> :-) - Aug 12 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mayurarora 3 comments

two clicks in gimp, really: built in gradient with spiral fill, and logo, grabbed from :-) - Aug 06 2008
Solar Eclipse

Wallpaper Other by shirfan 2 comments

Russian? :-) - Aug 02 2008
Ubuntu Bart

Cliparts by dyland30 6 comments

Ubuntu, Illustrator? :-\ Are you sure, you're linux user? - Jul 25 2008
u wave

Wallpaper Other by kiriapurv 1 comment

- because of ubuntu, sorry :-) - Jul 24 2008

Various Gnome Stuff by ompolicy 1 comment

Mono :-( - Jul 20 2008
Ubuntu Version Remake

Wallpapers Ubuntu by agntyellow 6 comments

And where is art? Everyone can just get wallpaper with nude girl and compose stupid logos on it :-)

Art means, what you create all the art by yourself. - Jul 18 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mayurarora 1 comment

Whats a joke: just draw spiralgradient in GIMP and put ubuntu sign? Where is wallpaper? :-\

(-1) - Jul 15 2008
Ubuntu-"bringing sexy back"

Wallpapers Ubuntu by theFATMAN 10 comments

Voted down because:

1. Stupid wallpaper with stupid gradient (sorry, but its truth), what looks awfull on every desktop.

2. Its just gradient with naked girl.
3. Placing oobunut on every wallpaper is so stupidly, its not ubuntu resource, its gnome artwork collection. So, please, go to

Thats why =) - Jun 26 2008