Katie Holmes ? KDE loads of junk

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by foreverandcounting 4 comments

...i like those kind of "corporate design" ;) - Jul 10 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

...i like the blue as well...

I wonder if there are some original minds around who're able to make a color-scheme and icons with the color and the penguin.
And maybe i'll start a theme, as mentioned above ;)

lookin' forward to the transparent penguin...

Franz Keferböck - May 24 2002
iMMersion 5 - transparent

Wallpaper Other by ASpirit 22 comments

... let me use just a few words: I LOVE IT! It's perfect, sweet and not too lively to make my eyes go crazy when i see my desktop. I'd love to see some icons and a splash with that cool penguin and maybe there'll be a style some time as well.

For all those considering this as too childish: I don't think it's childish, although i think children will be addressed by it. But aren't these the future KDE users?

Keep up that lovely work!
Keferböck Franz - May 23 2002
orKidia v3

Wallpaper Other by luci 17 comments

... but this one _is_ good! Hell, i love it, it's very springlike, colorful but not too irritating... it's phantastic. Have you ever considered doing more and complete KDE artwork;-?

BTW, i can't give you a "better" smile than the one given... - Mar 21 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by popkorn 1 comment

...piece of art! Like it - Mar 14 2002

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by clee 112 comments

first of all: why isnt there a happier face down there to attribute the comment:-?
I just tried gonx-style, which is really nice and clean as well... but it can't beat this! i am always amazed how fast it is, an how clean it "feels". I have found some bugs yet which i will tell the author as soon as possible, but bugs are here to be resolved...

BTW: It actually does NOT remain me of any Mircosoft- look'n'feel (but i haven't seen the "original" .NET- style yet...).

It's not perfect yet, but it will be... and it's the best theme for KDE at all, by far better than liquid (qhich i consider to unuseable...).

Great work, I love it... and will hopefully use it with KDE3 as well...!!!

Franz "Schnoopy" Keferb - Feb 25 2002

Ice-WM Themes by Gulliver 9 comments

Can anybody tell me, why this doesn't already rate 100%????? It's absolutely beautiful, great work! - Feb 23 2002
Natural Mosaik Version

Wallpaper Other by zwobits 2 comments

...i like it dark;-) - Jan 12 2002

Wallpaper Other by zwobits 1 comment

it's a nice approach, the "K" looks great and i like the light in the back! Real good pice of art... - Jan 12 2002

Wallpaper Other by basse 12 comments

I usually don't like light backgrounds with lots of figures in it, but this is not a wallpaper, hell, this is art! I'm already dreamin' of a theme, maybe a style, icons, ...
Whatever you do, i wanna say that this is _really_ nice!

Schnoopy - Dec 21 2001
AC 20000V

Wallpaper Other by tarball 13 comments

...but now its done and its phantastic! - Nov 29 2001
AC 20000V splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tarball 5 comments

I really like it! The splash in combination with the wallpaper is absolutly great! Thanx a very very lot!

Franz alias Schnoopy - Nov 29 2001
may the source be with you v2.2

Wallpaper Other by Yaba 13 comments

First of all, the new version is REALLY nice again! The decent text with the bar is even nicer as in your first work!

Second - about the colors: Just try, I know that people prefer different colors on their desktop! Keep your hands on it as long as you have fun with it - its great!

Franz alias Schnoopy - Nov 29 2001
AC 20000V splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tarball 5 comments

It's simple, elegant, beautiful... just nice!!! (did you make it due to my posting at the Wallpaper or way it planned from the beginning?)

Franz alias Schnoopy - Nov 29 2001