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Oliver Sch. , Spain
tweak your Adwaita

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Mar 30 2018
my fault.... now it should be correct. - Feb 27 2018
**** Sorry my mistake, I changed light with dark... Now it is correct with the new V2.5 I submitted. - Feb 27 2018
try now! ;) - Feb 27 2018
Thank you. You was right. Nautilus needs special attention. I included a line that correct that Bug in my next Version. I think an blue text colour is more nice... test it. ;) - Feb 27 2018
please upload your screenshots here:

I am interested in to see it. Maybe I can resolve this issue for you than... thx - Feb 27 2018
maybe you have to install it in /usr/share/themes/
In Ubuntu 17.10 y never install themes in local user, because I noticed Bugs in all themes whose normally don't have. - Feb 27 2018
Sorry. I can't see those Bugs you told me. This theme use as base the orignal Adwaita theme and tweak it only. Maybe the issue is the distro you use and what Adwaita version or modification the disto is using.
My tweaks was tested in my case on Fedora 26, 27 and Ubuntu 17.10. Between both distros I saw big diference ...
Maybe a screenshot will helps? Thxs for your feedback. - Feb 27 2018
Thank you. You're are welcome. At moment it's well all. The source-Gtk is Adwaita from the GIT. It's like a rawhide theme... it is actual always the last version. Different with Gnome Shell, but I am watching again if I am working on Gnome 3.26 and tweaks are necesary... - Sep 01 2017
thanks to you for let me a feedback... - Aug 22 2017
I'm glad you love it. thank you :) - Aug 22 2017

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Sep 07 2018
It is a very beautiful and we'll designed theme. Applications without graphical errors or bugs. Well done. Only a bug in the messageboxes. The titelbar is transparent. And the Nautilus massage popup if you delete something for example.... has 1 or 2 px margin from the titelbar-decoration. Little issues.... ;) - Jan 10 2018
Matcha Gtk Theme

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Jun 22 2019
very good and detailed ...... beautiful theme. Even the gnome shell theme is top. But iI am more fan of rounded windows and message boxes..... and more shadow behind. But I can not have all :) - Jan 10 2018
Obsidian 2

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May 10 2020
Perfect alternative theme for Ubuntu.... Amber - Nov 23 2017
Imposible make 1+ .... sry I tried.

I tested many themes... but your's is perfect and very detailed. Both.... the gtk themes like your Iconsets. It's a perfect alternative for Ambiance and Radiance .... Ubuntu Theme. Congratulations. Thx a lot for your detailed and very good work. - Nov 23 2017

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Apr 30 2018
why on my Ubuntu 17.10 any 3d party theme y install I have Terminal ugly and for example Gimp in a ugly old gtk2 look? But default themes from Ubuntu all is well? Pixpuf and murrine are installed correctly.... - Nov 11 2017

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Jan 25 2018
best alternative Ubuntu theme so far... but I miss a version for gnome shell 3.26. Panel is black always and not transparent and black by full window mode. - Sep 24 2017

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Jul 02 2020
My fault. I always confusing Paper with Papirus. I said nothing. :D - Aug 04 2017
sry. I see I was wrong seeing u´re screenshot. Maybe I had my Cache charged with Gnome-Icons, still.... or Paper-Icons from rpmfusion in Fedora is not up to date. I don´t know. I will take check it again that night if I´m back home.... ;) thx for that great Theme. - Aug 04 2017
Evolution is main Email application in Gnome and I wondered to see that Papirus isn't supporting it. It's half Papirus and half Gnome. It's looking horrible :) - Aug 04 2017

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Jul 31 2017
Generally it's working on 3.22 and 3.24. Should working with 3.20, too. - Jun 03 2017
hello armageddon51. generally it is for 3.22 and 3.24. Should work with 3.20, too. - Jun 03 2017
Hello amargeddon51. Y made it on Ubuntu 17.04. with Gnome 3.22 (3.24). It should works well down to 3.20 fine. If you want, tell me your Gnome Version and what problems you have. So I can determine the Verion lines end. - Jun 02 2017

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Nov 26 2017
hover... not the same with the rest, it is white...
"the counter of founded objects" ... - Apr 18 2017
thank you. with 20px -->10px and 18px--> 0px... at moment is working for me. This theme needs only little fine-tunings, but it is nearly finished and perfect. What y noticed was only: scrollbar in Nautilus to small, right click in menu in places in Nautilus ... "hover" is white and the same to the rest, in gedit if you are searching something and "the counter of find objects" do Not fit fine in textframe... I hope you understand what i meant. Compared with arc-ocx and united gnome y stay with Minawita ;)
Thx again for your hard Work. - Apr 18 2017
the acrollbar in Nautilus.... - Apr 18 2017
Very nice theme. Only the scrollbar is to small for me. What I have to do for revert It to original? Second: If y male "sudo nautilus" in terminal .... the terminal shows errors. It is normal? Thx for the Theme. If u give a fredback, thx more....
- Apr 18 2017
United GNOME

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Nov 22 2017
please Put some Preview shots of your actual version of that theme. You can manage files and Screenshots it everytime without needs to update ... It's for seeing advance. I am without PC at moment. thx - Apr 16 2017

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Mar 14 2018
Perfect. Thx. Exactly i looked for. Flat-Plat-Blue-Compact - Apr 10 2017
Mountain Shell

Gnome Shell Themes 6 comments

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Oct 09 2012
We land to Gnome 3.6 ;-)

Messages are "buggy"!

Nice Theme, very stylish. - Oct 23 2012

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Dec 09 2018
I see you let working on it. Isn t it? Sad, because with some more improvements you get a much better Theme.

1. the links do not work (Forbidden)

2. wlan 100% is broken

3. Folders, Trash, Network and maybe some more what you see bad in 16x16 you can make a fixed size.. not scalable. Draw them in 16x16 in Inkscabe. I see you have many different folders... so do a selective of the most important. For example what you see in Nautilus Sidebar.

Hope you will have time and lust for touch your Theme again. Great artist work. Thanks for share. - Nov 30 2011
Equinox Ubuntu Themes

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

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Sep 01 2010
I think it's a good alternative to the original. At moment your is the most promisse of all Ambiance-Clones..., but I noticed that in "Nautilus-Elementary", in the sidebar, the icons + text are with "0" distance. "Breadcrumbs" would be nice too if they would be included. The next is that the pre-definided iconset should be "ubuntu-mono-dark", general for Lucid-, Maverik-Users. One more thing. Buttons (default click by enter) are red outlined. It is okay, but I think a darker outline than the default would be better. Thanks for sharing us this nice theme. Cheers - Jun 04 2010
Lucid Docky Theme

Docky Themes 2 comments

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Apr 23 2010
Thx for u're support. With my Docky I can install only ***.tar ... check it out. - Apr 23 2010

Metacity Themes 50 comments

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Mar 11 2010
hope that the new default-theme from Lucid will get so bugfree and polish like your's. ;) - Mar 08 2010
files.~ and others what aren't used can be cleaned before upload. what do u think? :) - Mar 08 2010
Ähmmm.. yes.. of course. sorry. I meant restore... that! :)

I like your idea of hover and the moving 1px down symbol on pressed. But do u don't thing it's more elegant to make the black filled symbol on hover brighter and/or a smooth bright outline on the symbol ... on pressed only the moving-effect and/or a slight scaling down ... without the big quadrant outline?
It will looks better on unfocused-windows, surely :)

keep up the good work. - Feb 07 2010
very good work. only minimize window is still missing. :) - Feb 07 2010

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Feb 17 2010
Not bad at all, but I like more Homosapien for that theme. :) - Feb 17 2010
I got it from here:

I like it, because it's similar to me... ;)

Cheers - Feb 17 2010

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Mar 10 2010
okay take a look here:

Maybe u have some suggestions and ideas for improve it? :)

Cheers - Feb 12 2010
Thank you. Unfortunately is the activation of pcf in Karmic not so easy how u told. But finally I find out the trick.

I love your work really. thumbs up. However I am moding and changing it here and there, because it's a great base and easy to try my ideas and tastes on it. If I done I will show u - maybe u will like it. :) - Feb 07 2010
really really a great work!

How did you install that font? Karmic-Gnome... I put in the /usr/share/fonts/x11/75dpi -folder and ... nothing. What is the trick? Thank you :) - Feb 05 2010
Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

Metacity Themes 98 comments

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Mar 17 2010
... but I have the impression that the buttons are some "hardcopies" and manipulated with Gimp. I give you a tip: Make it all with Inkscape ... stay in the gird # and render them into a .png. If you know how to use Inkscape well and you have some talents you will get some magnific results.
The "x"-button is too soft/bright. The hover should be have a stronger signal-effect. Push needs a better pressed-effect... But this can be managed easily by using Inkscape for example.

ahh... I liked more the "point"-idea than that "icon".

... let it come baby!!! :)

Cheeers - Feb 04 2010

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Feb 03 2010
Thank you. I corrected it in Yin. You can change the color you want in the gtkrc-file ...

gtk-color-scheme = nhuman_color:#****** - Jan 28 2010
you're right. I deleted the definition in Nautilus that all fonts are always "9" as size in Yang ... and submitted the change here. Ying will get all new parameters if Yang is 100%... stay tuned for version 0.8. ;) - Jan 28 2010
Thank u and thank u for your comment. It's still a Preview and I am still developing... it's final I will manage it all how it should to be. :) - Jan 27 2010
There are so much nice themes out which haves a superficial beauty. But I generally I always missed the beauty in functional and realistic effects. So if I do a theme... it was a must for me to insert that what I missed always in the most of the themes I used and tried... ;) - Jan 25 2010
No, any problem, it's a wished effect. I think it's more EyeCandy without a title in the Metacity and it's o double information, because u have the name of those windows in the panel. Of course, if u use gnomebarX or a dock, u can rename the .xml-files in the Metacity-folder and u will have the titels on the Windowsdecorations. ;)

metacity-theme-1.xml -> metacity-theme-1_copy.xml

metacity-theme-1_copie_with_title.xml -> metacity-theme-1.xml - Jan 25 2010
hope u come always back to my theme if u put a darker wallpaper and u need the right decoration around... ^^

Thank u for your words... - Jan 22 2010
hehe thank u my friend :)
the color is right... no warm-tones, but signal-... attention-color was my goal in that theme. The Humanity-Set isn't warm-orange, too and I think it was a good decision. That theme fits very well with Humanity-Dark and was my concept if I did that dark-theme... ^^ - Jan 22 2010
Arta Theme V2

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Jan 28 2010
maybe the unused tabs a little bit darker for separate better... - Jan 25 2010
Score 58.0%
Jun 04 2010

Full Icon Themes
by jonian

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Apr 23 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets
by Podstavsky

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Feb 14 2009

GTK2 Themes
by naaamo2004

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Feb 06 2009
Adwaita Tweaks

GTK3 Themes
by Jazqa

Score 69.2%
9   Jun 08 2017
Human Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes
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3   May 20 2017

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Score 59.1%
3   May 20 2017

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3   May 09 2017
Score 78.9%
3   May 09 2017

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9   Apr 18 2017

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9   Apr 15 2017
Obsidian Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes
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9   Apr 14 2017
Score 82.4%
9   Apr 10 2017